Celebrating Women & Non-Binary Furniture Designers

International Women’s Day reminds us to celebrate the diverse array of voices and talents that shape our environments.  Join us in casting a spotlight on the women and non-binary furniture designers who explore the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship, carving an indelible mark on the design landscape, with a special focus on designs of chairs, tables and benches.

The furniture designs below showcase a variety of design influence and inspiration.  Innovative Bauhaus, daring radicalism, serene coastal aesthetics, and understated minimalism demonstrate the incredible versatility and unique perspectives of these incredible designers. Their work not only transcends the confines of traditional design but also serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities when creative minds break free from conventional molds.

Explore how these designers breathe vitality into furniture, elevating it from utility to a vibrant expression of identity and culture. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s revel in the brilliance of these women and non-binary designers who, with each stroke of their imagination, redefine the spaces we inhabit and inspire us to perceive the world through a lens of boundless potential, creativity, and inclusivity.

Bnch+ – Multifunctional Shelf or Bench by Esther De Vos

Bnch+ – Multifunctional Shelf or Benches
by furniture designer Esther De Vos
© Esther De Vos

Is it a bench? Is it a shelf? No, it’s the “Bnch+” – Esther De Vos‘ multifunctional shapeshifter, acting as shelf or bench with just one 90° flip. Its aluminum craftsmanship and clean lines embody a neo-industrial, minimalist vibe of sleek sophistication.

Rocky Montage – Sculptural Petrified Wood Coffee Table by Odditi

Rocky Montage – Sculptural Petrified Wood Coffee Tables
by  furniture designer Odditi
© Odditi

Cue up “Eye of the Tiger” for the ‘Rocky Montage’ coffee table by Odditi – a knockout nod to organic stone sculptures. In one corner, we’ve got boho chic bringing carefree energy; in the other, coastal calm exuding tranquility.

Rua Cha – Modern Light Blue Fabric Sofa With Wooden Legs by Clementine Caurier

Rua Cha – Modern Light Blue Fabric Sofa With Wooden Legs
by  furniture designer Clementine Caurier
© Clementine Caurier

Sink into the RUA CHA Sofa, where Mid Century Modern cozies up to Scandinavian Modern. The sturdy, solid wood frame with a crisscross design, balances with the softness of the linen upholstery. Let the plush comfort embrace you, thanks to high-density memory foam and blend of natural fibers.

Ooo Chair – Upholstered Wood and Marble Chairs by Worn Studio

Introducing the Ooo Chair by Worn Studio – Natalia Ortega’s brainchild. Crafted with turned wood and marble legs by Spanish artisans, it’s a chic fusion of Bauhaus and eclectic vibes. This chair isn’t just furniture; it’s an “Ooo, where’d you find that?” moment, marrying traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde design.

Remix Benches by Studio Flore 

Refresh your idea of functional design with the Remix bench – a collaboration between Irina Flore and Native Shoes. Crafted in Vancouver using over 100 pairs of reclaimed shoes and Native Shoes Remix™, these sculptural benches redefine sustainability, serving as a versatile entryway addition – part seat, tray area, shoe holder, and coat hanger.

Cosmos – Rainbow Gradient Coffee Tables by Studio Monsoleil

Cosmos – Rainbow Gradient Coffee Tables
by furniture designers Studio Monsoleil
© Studio Monsoleil

The Cosmos Coffee Table by Studio Monsoleil invites you to reinvigorate your space with a touch of vibrant minimalism. The tempered glass table draws inspiration from the harmony of diverse colors and ideas, reflecting the vibrancy of our multicultural surroundings.

NATŪRA Cabinet – Black Sea by Ruda Studio 

The NATŪRA cabinet is a living reflection of nature’s vitality, from where we draw strength and knowledge. Encouraging contemplation and to live in the moment, this unique piece blends coastal and Art Deco design, fusing tranquility with luxury in this conceptual gem.

AMUD – Walnut Wood Side Tables by Selma Lazrak

AMUD – Walnut Wood Side Tables
by furniture designers Selma Lazrak
© Selma Lazrak

Selma Lazrak’s AMUD Walnut Wood Side Table is a brutalist blend of Moroccan architecture and cultural heritage. Drawing inspiration from the intricate column designs of Fez, it pays homage to the region’s historical elegance. The minimalist yet sculptural design celebrate Morocco’s diverse landscapes and the rich tapestry of civilizations, weaving influences from Roman to Arab-Andalusian eras.

Motion Commode No. 1 – Wavy Steel Credenza by The Good Living Co.

Motion Commode No. 1 – Wavy Steel Credenza
by furniture designers The Good Living Co.
© The Good Living Co.

The “MOTION” commode is entirely handcafted out of steel, giving it a modern and Neo Industrial look. It has a matte steel finish that adds elegance and style. The dresser is low and wide, with two wavy doors adorned with subtle spherical handles. It is supported by four cylindrical legs, lifting it slightly above the ground.

Meta Bench – Modular Upholstery Benches by Jaclyn Pappalardo

The Meta bench is a study of form and shape, morphing with its modular design and interlocking system. The bench, constructed from distinct segments, offers endless possibilities, bringing a soft minimalism energy and subtly embracing shapes reminiscent of Bauhaus influence.

T02 – Black Clay Brutalist Side Tables by Ia Kutateladze 

T02 – Black Clay Brutalist Side Tables
by furniture designers Ia Kutateladze
© Ia Kutateladze

Embracing brutalist aesthetics, the T02 ceramic side table orchestrates a complex interplay of repetition and combination. As it explores individual forms and their rhythmic merging, the interplay of smooth and textured surfaces, along with negative and positive spaces, weaves a captivating narrative within and between each element.

Sanctuary – Wood Cocoon Lounge Chairs by Laluz Handcraft

In the embrace of the Sanctuary wood lounge chair, crafted from solid Guarango wood, find a sculptural haven inspired by a butterfly’s cocoon. This piece invites nature’s warmth and protection into your living space, offering both rest and transformation. Reflecting coastal influences and minimalist design principles, it thoughtfully integrates the tranquility of natural landscapes into your home.

Herida Tables – Tropical Depression by Fi 

Herida Tables – Tropical Depression
by furniture designers  Fi
© Fi

The Herida wood and metal table is a manifestation of pure consciousness, where life finds simplicity. It explores the idea that nature’s language provides answers when left unaltered, contemplating the purpose of nature and existence. In a metaphorical journey through maturity and the mind-body connection, the table carries a biophilic spirit, celebrating the inherent connection between humanity and nature.

Come As You Are, And Stay Together! – Three-Piece Benches Ensemble by Lyk Carpet 

Come As You Are, And Stay Together! – Three-Piece Bench Ensemble
by furniture designers Lyk Carpet
© Lyk Carpet

Unveiling a radical take on seating, this three-piece bench ensemble by Lyk Carpet is a masterclass in eclecticism. Featuring a dynamic interplay of texture in carpets and handmade tiles, this design embraces the versatility of wool. The piece caters to diverse spaces with an avant-garde touch.

Lithic – Solid Oak Wood Dining Chairs by Maha Alavi Studio

Infused with Bauhaus influence, the LITHIC dining chair draws inspiration from the prehistoric, paying homage to ancient craftsmanship. Transforming the basic chair frame into an exaggerated, soft minimalist form, this chair radiates a whimsical comfort and softness.

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Wrapping up our look into International Women’s Day, let’s carry forward the echoes of diverse voices that resonate in our environments. Our exploration into the world of women and non-binary furniture designers has been a journey through the interplay of creativity and craftsmanship. In this vibrant realm, impressions are carved into the evolving design landscape, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and inspiration that will infuse our spaces with authenticity and style.

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