10 Outstanding Mid Century Modern Seating Designs

In the world of interior design, few styles have achieved the iconic status and enduring popularity of Mid Century Modern. This design movement celebrates simplicity and minimalism without sacrificing comfort or visual appeal. It focuses on the use of natural materials, such as wood, leather, and metal, and showcases a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living. Designed by renowned independent artists worldwide, explore ADORNO’s curation of Mid Century Modern seating objects that seamlessly blend iconic style with innovation.

SILLA GEPETTO by Oscar Hagerman

© Oscar Hagerman

The Silla Gepetto chair, designed by Oscar Hagerman, prioritizes ergonomics and user comfort. It features a seat and back support template developed over time. The chair showcases the skills of Mexican artisans through tule weaving, a traditional craft.

Bue by Noidoi Design Studio

© Noidoi Design Studio

Bue is a stool inspired by a 1940s Swiss prayer knee-rest and involves a linear wooden frame as well as a channelled upholstered seat, embodying familiar simplicity.

Rosa Morada Modern Bench by Studio ORYX

Rosa Morada Modern Bench by Studio ORYX
© Studio ORYX

The Rosa Morada modern bench is sleek, durable, and versatile, handcrafted from high-quality wood with unique natural variations.

1927 by Omayra Maymó

© Omayra Maymó

“1927” is a piece that embodies adaptation to adversity, craft preservation, and local cooperation. Created as part of the Kilómetro Zero project during movement restrictions in Spain, the stool was made using resources within a 1km radius of the designer’s home.

“Næss” Chair by Christian Udjus

© Christian Udjus

The “Næss” chair is a low, airy design with 20 floating stiles for adaptable seating. Treated with furniture wax for a natural shine and eco-friendliness.

Spineless Chair by Atelier Zébulon Perron

©Atelier Zébulon Perron

The Spineless chair is cut down the middle, split into two hemispheres, revealing essential connection points. It symbolizes strength and fragility, embodying inherent tension.

“Home/Office” Chair by ACdO

"Home/Office" Chair
© ACdO

The Home/Office” chair transforms traditional textile techniques, a needle-passed Victorian petit point flower to add a subtle yet impactful ornamentation. Handcrafted stitching challenges industrial perception, bridging the gap between office and home.

“Pancha” Lounge Chair by Taller Nacional

Mid Century Modern
©Taller Nacional

The “Pancha” lounge chair embodies simplicity with basic geometries. This wood-based collection of furniture easily adapts to different spaces.

NEST Lounge Chair by Errin Kancal

Modern Designs
© Errin Kancal

The “Nest” collection by Errin Kancal unites form, function, and comfort. The end result are plush, roomy chairs for a peaceful rest.

BO Armchair by Giácomo Tomazzi Studio

BO Armchair
© Giácomo Tomazzi Studio

The BO Armchair is influenced by Lina Bo Bardi’s designs as it features a low and relaxed seat. The circle exudes a visually strong, light, and geometrically pure aesthetic.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Mid Century Modern pieces that capture timeless elegance, cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality. Each item is chosen for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era, pushing the boundaries of what is considered classic.

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