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Duyi Han: Investigating Psychological Depth Through a Perceptual “artBnB” Apartment

Stephanie Dean
July 22, 2021
“I see collectible design objects as artifacts or devices that record human cultural history. They are a contemporary continuation of the historic cultural objects you see in a museum.” – Duyi Han All images courtesy of Atelier Duyi Han View Duyi Han’s showroom, including the “Ordinance of the Subconscious Treatment” collection With a practice comprised…

7 Intriguing Ways Designers Approach Sustainability in their Practices

Stephanie Dean
July 2, 2021
Sustainable design considers the environmental, social, and economic impact of pieces and the practices that are used to create them. Social and economic sustainability can be addressed through the employment of local artisans and craftspeople, supporting communities through the continuation of traditional techniques, materials, and knowledges. In terms of environmental effects, the reuse, recycling, or…

10 Designers Breaking the Mould of Resin Crafts

Alec Zajac
June 18, 2021
While resin has a long history of use, with records dating back to Ancient Greece, the material recently became a trend in design that seems to be turning into something more permanent. This week’s Adorno edit will showcase the designers who are using this versatile material in their work.  For background, there are two types…

1 + 1 = 3 – The Collection: Southern Sweden Design Days

Stephanie Dean
May 27, 2021
Beginning today and carrying on through the weekend, the city of Malmö, Sweden will host the first edition of Southern Sweden Design Days, an annual event organised by Form/Design Center highlighting sustainability, collaboration, development, and innovation in design. This year’s theme is “1 + 1 = 3” which, as described by the event’s organisers, “encourages…

HACKING INDUSTRY: A Collection Curated by Juan García Mosqueda

Stephanie Dean
May 6, 2021
“[This collection] presents studios which generally are not interested in the ‘spectacular’, but rather on problematizing the ‘normal’; studios interested less in the ‘innovative’ and more on the ‘banal’, values usually looked-down upon in design culture.” – Juan García Mosqueda, curator of “HACKING INDUSTRY” All 3D renders by Nazzareno Giannelli, styled by Martin Clausen.  …
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