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Faissal El-Malak: Intersections of Textile & Clay

Stephanie Dean
April 30, 2020
“Conceptually, these pieces represent the notion of colourful, traditional craft acting as the very pillar that shapes the space and buttresses it to be a functional vessel. Together, these elements form a symbiotic balance between aesthetics and functionality.” – Faissal El-Malak View Faissal El-Malak’s works, including the “Spool“ Vase. The Palestinian design scene can be…

Here and There: A Palestinian Collection Introducing Palestinian Design on Adorno

Stephanie Dean
April 25, 2020
“There is something about the work as a collection that I find really exciting. There is this invisible thread that connects the work together whether through similar influences, through the bold colors and sensual forms, or through a similar research-based methodology.” – Dima Srouji, founder of design project Hollow Forms and curator of “Here and…

Ragna Ragnarsdóttir: An Exploration of Material, Technique, & Tradition

Stephanie Dean
March 26, 2020
“Through many errors, failures and a messy library of material testing, I sometimes find something new and exciting in-between my mess. I have to trust a lot in my embodied and subconscious knowledge and let activity and acquaintance drive me.” – Ragna Ragnarsdóttir View Ragna Ragnarsdóttir’s works, including “Coral Vase“. With connections to the country’s…

Veera Kulju: A Study of Craftsmanship & Human Curiosity

Stephanie Dean
March 22, 2020
“Material is ancient as well as the techniques it requires. I’m ignorant or foolish enough to play with that serious, respectful history. I feel guilty about it sometimes, but I just can’t help it, I’m too curious.” – Veera Kulju View Veera Kulju’s work, including “‘Queen of the Dessert’ Sculpture“ “What happens when you use…

T SAKHI: Encouraging Human Interaction through Design

Stephanie Dean
March 18, 2020
“Our role is to somehow create awareness of the importance of urban activities in our daily life and to offer solutions using architecture and design as mediums of expression.” – Tessa & Tara Sakhi of T SAKHI View all of T Sakhi’s work, including the new “Tasting Threads” collection The Lebanese design scene is characterised…
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