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MATERIAL ORIGINS: A Brazilian Collection by Waldick Jatobá

Stephanie Dean
December 5, 2020
“I believe every work of art or design, especially collectable design, must show an emotion; must have a strong animistic approach. We need to feel the storytelling behind the creation.” – Waldick Jatobá, curator of “MATERIAL ORIGINS”   View the full “MATERIAL ORIGINS” collection, including Luiza Caldari’s “Iris” Wall Tapestry Reflecting on the contemporary Brazilian…


Stephanie Dean
November 27, 2020
“…the ‘Windows of Design’ project highlights creatives that express a unique philosophy through their work and objects that represent a viewpoint towards design that is not purely stylistic. I wanted the items in the installation to create a dialogue with each other that was not only in harmony, but also in debate and contrast.” –…

The Material Language: Connecting through Forms, Colours, & Textures A Mexican Collection Curated by Pilar Obeso & Ana Elena Mallet⁠

Stephanie Dean
November 16, 2020
“It is always refreshing to admire how designers translate the richness of ancient materials and techniques into forward-looking pieces. Tradition is timeless and all-around, and the thoughtful work of all of these designers is proof of that.” – Ana Elena Mallet & Pilar Obeso, collection curators View the full collection for “The Material Language”, including…

Objets d’Art: 10 Pieces That Infuse Spaces With Personality

Stephanie Dean
November 13, 2020
As objets d’art, these ten select pieces spark interest, draw the eye, and bring personality to a space. At a moment when we are spending more time at home, intriguing and versatile pieces of collectible design can enliven and complete your home environment. Within the collectible design world, objets are not necessarily functional, though some…

The Lighting Edit: 10 Sculptural Lighting Solutions

Stephanie Dean
November 6, 2020
Functional art finds itself in a space where utilitarian objects – furniture, tableware, and lighting, among others – take an aesthetic turn, emphasising both the functional and artistic qualities of design. Rather than purely design objects, functional art is practical and focuses on usability in everyday life. These pieces do not compromise on aesthetic value,…

Is it Real?: 3D Rendering in the Design Industry

Stephanie Dean
October 26, 2020
You have probably found yourself scrolling through your social media feed and come across something that might have looked a bit too impossible to be true. You question – is this real?⁠ ⁠ To explore the world of 3D rendering and its uses in the collectible design industry, Adorno has teamed up with a diverse…

Wearable Art: Where Jewellery & Fashion Design Meet Crafts & Collectible Design

Stephanie Dean
October 16, 2020
Wearable art finds itself at the intersection of jewellery and fashion design and collectible design. First developing in the 1930s and growing throughout the 1960s and 1970s as the “wearable art movement”, it has featured avant garde clothing, jewellery, headwear, and footwear and champions strong artistic statements. Most often handmade, these pieces emphasise the craftsmanship…

The Vase Edit: 7 Vases Perfect for the Material Enthusiast

Stephanie Dean
October 9, 2020
From ceramic to glass, traditional shapes to new forms, discover a wide range of textural, colourful, and functional vases by makers from around the world. This edit explores the Adorno archives to bring together a curated selection of vases which portray ingenuity in their use of material. Woven rattan, textured rubber, blown glass, and innovative…

Best of Contemporary Design Market 2020: Top 10 Collectible Pieces from Curator Elien Haentjens

Stephanie Dean
September 26, 2020
Over the past three weeks and continuing into next week, Brussels Design September 2020 has hosted cultural and commercial events for design enthusiasts across the city. This years theme, as described by Design September and in line with the ongoing uncertainty of the world, is change, with a “focus … on responsible consumption, keeping our…
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