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An Investigation into Our Objects’ Life Cycles: Sustainability in Material and Process Innovation

Anthony Giannelli
November 5, 2019
 “In a world where everything goes so fast, the general public loses the notion of how these objects arrived to their hands.” – Josefina Muñoz, Switzerland The word sustainability has become the hottest adjective in marketing today, but this can mean so many things, how are sure are we that a certain sustainably marketed object…

Reflections of Nature Across Global Design Cultures

Anthony Giannelli
October 17, 2019
“Our society’s current relation towards nature is an endless source for reflection.” – Studio Plastique, Belgium Perhaps in our obsession with creating a world of objects made by us for us, we’ve left behind a crucial part of ourselves, a world that was not made by us but yet still for us in its own…

The Hidden Hand: Crafted Turkish Design

Gökhan Karakuş
October 17, 2019
  Dial Gokalp: “Neo” Jar No:1  Existing in a unique geographic zone that has historically been an interface between many cultures since prehistory, Turkey is one of the few areas of the world where the traditional and the modern continue to mix in contemporary culture to produce unique results. Turkey is at once home to…

Gaspard Graulich at Crossovers: Exploring Design’s Cultural Landscapes

Anthony Giannelli
October 2, 2019
“I don’t want to express my feelings; I want my objects to make people feel their own”  – Gaspard Graulich   “Prélèvement” N.8 & N.1. All images courtesy of the artist.  View Gaspard Graulich’s works, Prélèvement, in the French Collection for Crossovers.  Many of the writings and conversations here on Adorno Editorial are centered around…

Belgium at Crossovers 2019: Honest and down to earth, literally and figuratively.

Anthony Giannelli
September 30, 2019
” It’s their poetic silence and subtle tactility, which makes them beautiful, and gives them a global appeal.” – Elien Haentjens Curator of the Belgian Collection Since leaving Mother nature’s carefully and lovingly designed home for us, humanity has been longing to construct a world shaped through materials of our own creation, for our own…

Draga & Aurel: Cultural Crossovers

Anthony Giannelli
September 27, 2019
“our partnership expresses our creativity through a perfect combination of art and design” – Draga Obradovic & Aurel K. Basedow View Draga & Aurel’s work in the Italian collection for Crossovers.  This year during London Design Fair Adorno presented the first installment of Crossovers: a celebration of a new generation of makers working in the intersection…

Announcing Denmark at Crossovers 2019: An idea of ​​how we could also strive to live.

Anthony Giannelli
September 13, 2019
“Danish design is interesting when designers keep developing the tradition of working with the relationship between man and object.” – Pil Bredahl Curator of the Danish Collection Flensted Mouritzen Credit: Martin Clausen A country whose domination of modern design far exceeds its modest size, Denmark has brought us some of the most innovative use of…

Announcing Norway at Crossovers 2019: Pushing forward; Free from the rules of the past.

Anthony Giannelli
September 11, 2019
“We do not feel the same responsibility to the past as our neighbors and due to this we are more free to challenge.” – Kråkvik & D’Orazio Curators of the Norwegian Collection All images courtesy of the respective designers.  Towering mountains shaped over millennia above deep fjords have left Norway with breathtaking natural landscapes known…
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