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The Mirror Edit: 10 Mirrors That Will Make You Reflect

Stephanie Dean
February 25, 2021
On the cusp of functional and decorative, the ten mirrors curated here bring both light and a sense of personality to the spaces they inhabit. They offer a moment of reflection – literally and figuratively – and elevate our living environments in a simple, yet visually intriguing manner. The variety of materials and techniques used…

Unassuming Materials: 7 Design Studios Upcycling Construction Materials into Collectible Design

Stephanie Dean
February 11, 2021
Gathering inspiration in unexpected places and seeing the beauty of discarded materials. This edit highlights a selection of design studios who employ a more sustainable approach to material use, developing pieces which juxtapose original material histories with their final, collectible forms. They create an interwoven narrative of old and new, cast away and repurposed. Possibilities…

Christian + Jade: Encouraging Valuable Interactions through Intentional Design

Stephanie Dean
February 2, 2021
“Instead of consistently working within a specific form or function, we seek to communicate the changes that we see in the world and our own behaviours through techniques and materialities that best convey and challenge it.” – Christian + Jade All images courtesy of the designers.   View Christian + Jade’s showroom, including “Gathering Heat”…

MATERIAL ORIGINS: A Brazilian Collection by Waldick Jatobá

Stephanie Dean
December 5, 2020
“I believe every work of art or design, especially collectable design, must show an emotion; must have a strong animistic approach. We need to feel the storytelling behind the creation.” – Waldick Jatobá, curator of “MATERIAL ORIGINS”   View the full “MATERIAL ORIGINS” collection, including Luiza Caldari’s “Iris” Wall Tapestry Reflecting on the contemporary Brazilian…


Stephanie Dean
November 27, 2020
“…the ‘Windows of Design’ project highlights creatives that express a unique philosophy through their work and objects that represent a viewpoint towards design that is not purely stylistic. I wanted the items in the installation to create a dialogue with each other that was not only in harmony, but also in debate and contrast.” –…
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