Wooden Stools: Simple Home Aesthetics

Wooden stools seamlessly blend the robust durability of wood with artistry that speaks to diverse design palettes. From the clean lines of the Minimalist movement to the functional elegance of Scandinavian Modern designs and the original flair of rustic finishes, these stools are not just seating but a testament to the timeless beauty and strength of wood.

Alumina Wooden Stool by Studio Gameiro

Elegant, minimalist stool in versatile wood options
©Studio Gameiro

Made by hand in several orchestrated steps by incredible wood masters, who turn unruly wood logs into something which will one day hold and sustain, Studio Gameiro’s wood stool is thoughtfully made to make sure you sit straight and hold your posture. Funny how such an intricate geometrical grid can look so much fun (and soft, one might add). Take a seat.

Minimalist Wood Arc de Stool 37 by Project 213A

Experience the smaller version of this stool, where inward-curving legs meet a triangular seat in a display of exquisite wood craftsmanship. Its elegant complexion makes it a versatile piece, fitting as foyer seating or a minimalist cocktail table by the bath. Available in Walnut, Oak, and black-varnished Chestnut wood.

TORO Minimalist Wooden Stools by Daniel Couttolenc

TORO Minimalist Wooden Stools by Daniel Couttolenc
© Daniel Couttolenc

TORO Minimalist stools blur the line between design and sculpture. They are functional stools, with simple lines and a lot of visual power. 

“Loto Pouf” Boho Chic Foot Stools by Peca Mobiliario

Boho Chic Wood Stool or Foot rest
©Peca Mobiliario

A footstool, upholstered in a handcrafted lambs-wool piece, waist-loom woven in San Juan Chamula, Altos de Chiapas

Windows of Bo Bardi by Linde Freya Tangelder

Brutalist Windows of Bo Bardi by Linde Freya Tangelder
©Linde Freya Tangelder

One of the most impressive and dared buildings SESC Pompeia (Sao Paulo), by ItalianBrazilian brutalist architect Lina Bo Bardi, became the start of the side tables ‘windows of bo bardi’.

G I G I | Wooden Barstool by N I S H

G I G I | Rustic Barstool by N I S H
©N I S H

The G I G I barstool is where rustic meets modern. Made from durable French Oak and accented with a sleek powder-coated steel footrest, it is both stylish and sturdy.

Elements Wooden Stools by Daniel Couttolenc

Elements Wooden Seats by Daniel Couttolenc
©Daniel Couttolenc

ELEMENTS by Daniel Couttolenc is a family of stools where the measurements are based on the golden ratio. The shapes are an abstraction of the essence of the 4 elements.

OO+II Wooden Side Table / Stool by Kiki Goti 

OO+II Wooden Side Table / Stool by Kiki Goti 
© SKiki Goti

OO+II Side Table is a geometric wooden table that can be nested inside the OO+II Aluminum Chair. Despite its solid monolithic form, the prismatic shape and the small spherical feet, give a dynamic and elegant character to the piece.

Wood Foot Stool by Project 213A

The stool is hand carved by artisans in northern Portugal in Black, Natural Oak, or Oil Finished Oak Wood with a rich dark brown appearance.

“Potro” Wood Stool by piedrafuego

"Potro" Wood Stool by piedrafuego
© piedrafuego

The “Potrostool is a metaphor for the equine anatomy. The influence was received from Constantin Brancusi becomes evident in this piece.

Saturno Artistic Stool by Federico Fontanella Studio

Saturno Wood Stool by Federico Fontanella Studio
©Federico Fontanella Studio

Saturno by Federico Fontanella  is a solid wood stool composed of two elements: a sphere and a torus.

Knot Round Stool by Sho Ota

Knot Round Stool by Sho Ota
© Sho Ota

This project highlights the quality of a wood knot, the character of which is often treated as a defect and neutralized in industrial processing.

RAILS 550 by Ateliers Saint-Jacques by Gwendoline Porte

RAILS® is a unique Scandinavian Modern concept that bridges the gap between functional design and art by Gwendoline Porte

Together and Apart (MELT Edition) by Bjarke Ballisager

Sturdy wooden stools showcasing natural grain patterns
© Bjarke Ballisager

Together and Apart” is an international wood patent-pending, modular multipurpose furniture system for residential, hospitality, and workplace use. 

Meditation Stool and Silent Stump” by Katrín Ólína

"Silent Stump"
© Katrín Ólína

Meditation Stool, is a seating element to facilitate sitting on the ground and meditation practices.

“Silent Stump” is a stool made in solid dark brown cork. It compliments the Nordic Silence collection by Katrín Ólína

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When you opt for a wooden stool, you’re not just picking a seat. You’re welcoming a piece that embodies tradition, innovation, and aesthetics into your space. Be it the ornate charm of Art Deco or the simple allure of Scandinavian designs, wooden stools stand as symbols of durability, art, and timeless appeal.

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