11 Beautiful Tropical Wood Furniture Designs

Enter a realm where design and nature intertwine seamlessly as we present our curated collection of tropical wood furniture designs. Each creation stands as a testament to the innate allure and distinctiveness of tropical wood. Touch the intricate grain patterns that tell stories of the forest and see the meticulous craftsmanship that shapes them into functional works of art. This showcase not only celebrates the harmonious fusion of human ingenuity and natural splendor but also highlights the sustainable potential of utilizing tropical wood in innovative and inspiring ways.

Icpalli Tropical Wood Chair by Kresta Studio

Icpalli is a chair that comes to life through the hands of skilled artisans. In Mexico, we hold a deep belief that artisans are the heart and soul of our culture.

“Ramón” Credenza by Comité de Proyectos

©Comité de Proyectos

This Maximalist piece arise from a series of reactions to gender violence and seek to raise awareness of the way in which we relate to each other and our surroundings.

“Potro” Tropical Wood Stool by piedrafuego

"Potro" Stool

The “Potro” stool is a metaphor for the equine anatomy. The influence we receive from Constantin Brancusi becomes evident in this piece.

Banca Tres Tropical Wood Bench by OW arquitectos

Tropical Wood Bench
©OW arquitectos

Geometrical bench handmade in Tzalam Wood, featuring an embedded ceramic planter.

Mortaise by Clemence Birot

Tropical Wood Shelf
©Clemence Birot

The “Mortaise 400” shelf is made of cork and metal, a confrontation of two materials, assembled without glue. A folded metal frame is embed in the cork slab.

TORO by Daniel Couttolenc

Tropical Wood Stool
©Daniel Couttolenc

TORO stools blur the line between Scandinavian Modern design and Rustic sculpture. They are functional stools, with simple lines and a lot of visual power. To achieve the desired volume, they are handcrafted in solid wood.

The Stalactite Tropical Wood Side Table by Studio ORYX

© Studio ORYX

A truly one-of-a-kind tropical wood piece. Consist of 100% wooden leftovers from around Cancun, all reclaimed materials.

Colima Low Chair by Comité de Proyectos

Tropical Wood Chair
© Comité de Proyectos

Inspiration for this piece came from the outdoor spaces of houses found in tropical and exotic jungles on Mexico’s southern coastline. The boldness of the solid Huanacaxtle wood structure is reminiscent of the density of vegetation in that area.

“Silent Tree” by Katrín Ólína

Tropical Wood Decor
© Katrín Ólína

Silent Tree is a room dividing element with acoustic properties made in cork and wood. Created with Made by Choice, Finland in 2018.

Abrigo Credenza in Cabreúva wood by YANKATU


YANKATU’s Cabreúva wood credenza: Brazilian artisans fashioning elegance using natural dyed cotton threads. Artistry in wood.

Cava Salomón by Kresta Studio

© Kresta Studio

Salomón wine cabinet is crafted from solid Rosa Morada wood, creating a furniture piece with a distinct character that will spark conversations and hold your favorite wines.

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