Abrigo Credenza: Handwoven With Solid Wood Cylinders And Cotton Threads
by YANKATU Brazil

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Made from solid cabreuva wood, the design of the shelter buffet is inspired by the architecture of the oca, a place of shelter and protection for the families of the Mehinaku indigenous people, who live in the Xingu Indigenous Territory, in Brazil.

Using the traditional indigenous technique of weaving mats with buriti stalks and cotton threads, learned from the women of the Kaupüna village during her stay there, designer Maria Fernanda weaves the mats that become the doors of the Sheltter buffet. Like a hug, they slide through grooves carved into the wood, always visible, which allows the piece to be used as a room divider.

It is part of Yankatu’s Xingu collection. that arose from the encounter between Maria Fernanda and the Mehinaku ethnicity, located in the Kaupüna village, in Upper Xingu, south of Amazon Forest, at the end of last year. “Xingu is born from an encounter between past and future, but is established in the present, proposing new ways of looking at tradition, with the respect and admiration that it deserves, while using technology to maintain communication in times of isolation ”, says Maria Fernanda, who, due to new practices since the beginning of pandemic in the world, was unable to return to Kaupüna village to continue the studies and production process.

As all the pieces produced by Yankatu, it is accompanied by its soul, a certificate of authenticity in the form of a small book that tells about the inspiration that gave birth to it and leaves blank pages so that its story can continue to be told by those who acquire it, turning it into something more, which does not change with fashion, which does not go by with time. To the contrary, it will move on from a generation to another, from hand to hand, each time with more stories to tell, each time incorporating the lives shared by it.

Brazilian Contemporary and Collectible Design by Yankatu.

2022 РCr̩ateurs Design Awards РBest Design Collection Nominee

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With a degree in business administration and interior design, Maria Fernanda has worked in the field for over 20 years. She migrated to furniture design in 2014, creating Yankatu, a design studio through which she carries out projects with social impact alongside Brazilian artisans. The encounter with the art world happened naturally in 2020 when the search for the appreciation of Brazilian artisans and their knowledge generates a growing discomfort regarding invisibility and lack of knowledge about the reality of Brazilian cultural traditions. Her work is based on relationships that go beyond the gaze and are established on mutual trust and admiration. Her production spans a long timelessness and also a continuity, resulting from the privilege and fluidity of the otherness of established relationships. It is in the power of art that she finds the way to share her learning, activate the gaze and listening of others, seeking to generate in them the same discomfort she feels and, in this way, encourage them to act. It is through a relational aesthetic that she aims to join forces because the reaction of the other, the spectator, is essential for the realization of her art, which does not end with the created object but rather expands into the immaterial and impalpable field. Her works involves various materials without settling on anyone, despite her familiarity with solid wood. It goes from clay to feathers with the same lightness that conveys strong messages in a poetic way.
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