TORO – Modern Minimalist Wooden Stool

by Daniel Couttolenc Mexico

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TORO stools blur the line between design and sculpture. They are functional stools, with simple lines and a lot of visual power. To achieve the desired volume, they are handcrafted in solid wood. To achieve the desired volume, they are handcrafted in solid wood. The measurements are based on the golden ratio and the shape is inspired by a “TOROid”, the shape being the model that nature uses to keep its magnetic field balanced.

Available in solid Tzalam Wood, Black Stained Oak, or Cream Washed Oak
50cm x 50cm x 47cm (tall)
19.7″ x 19.7″ x 18.5″ (tall)

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Daniel Couttolenc's artistic journey is deeply rooted in an enduring curiosity and a quest to understand the genesis of things. From an early age, he was captivated by design, drawn to the allure of colors, textures, and shapes. Parallel to this fascination was his quest for spiritual fulfillment, seeking mental tranquility and inner peace. This pursuit led to a period of introspection about his path as a designer, contemplating the potential superficiality of design in contrast to his spiritual inclinations. His exploration led him to discover "Sacred Geometry," also known as "Natural Geometry," which encompasses concepts like the golden ratio. Couttolenc embarked on a self-taught study of these principles, delving into the patterns and proportions that nature uses in its creations. He then began to incorporate these elements into his projects, using them as a foundational template. Sacred geometry is a fundamental aspect of all nature, forming the structure of everything from molecules to galaxies. Couttolenc believes that geometry, like music, is a form of vibration. He draws parallels between the effects of classical and instrumental music on the human psyche—such as stimulation of brain power, creativity enhancement, stress reduction, and emotional expression—and the impact of the universe's geometry on people. He posits that while geometry is visually perceived and music aurally, both transcend mere rational understanding and must be experienced to be fully comprehended. In his work, Couttolenc strives to bridge the material with the spiritual, the visible with the invisible. Daniel Couttolenc Studio emerged from this philosophy, dedicated to creating "spaces of harmony" that communicate beyond what is visibly apparent. Just as music is composed to be felt and experienced, Couttolenc designs spaces and pieces with the intention for them to be lived in and experienced, blending aesthetics with deeper spiritual resonance.
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