Aster – Parota Wood Side Table

by Daniel Couttolenc Mexico


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Introducing the Aster Table, a versatile masterpiece crafted by the visionary cabinetmaker Daniel Couttolenc. This exceptional table is ingeniously designed as a trio of components that can be easily disassembled to serve as two practical auxiliary tables and a stylish tray. Alternatively, when assembled, they form an elegant and functional side table.

At the heart of this design lies the hexagram, a symbol of profound significance representing the harmonious union of opposites—be it heaven and earth or the balance of the masculine and feminine energies. The Aster Table, with its hexagram-inspired top view, embodies this powerful symbolism, making it a captivating addition to your living space. Enjoy its versatility, style, and the deeper meaning it brings to your decor.

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My work arises from curiosity, from the desire to understand the origin of things. For as long as I can remember I have liked design, I have been seduced by colors, textures and shapes. At the same time, I have had a concern for the spiritual, for mental tranquility and inner peace, this caused me to question my direction as a designer, sometimes seeing design as something superficial (which goes against the spiritual). This is how I found "Sacred Geometry" also known as "Natural Geometry" that covers topics such as the golden ratio, so I began to study it in a self-taught way, thus understanding the patterns and proportions with which nature creates itself, to later start applying them in my projects, using these proportions as a template. Sacred geometry is present in all nature. It is the basis of the structure of all things from molecules to galaxies. Geometry is vibration just like music is. Certain music such as classical and instrumental is known to have positive effects on people: it stimulates brain power and creativity, reduces stress, and helps express emotions, among other benefits. In the same way, the geometry of the universe has similar effects on people, the difference is the sense by which it is perceived, geometry is perceived visually and music aurally. Neither of the two can be understood solely by our rational brain, must be experienced in order to process it. In this way I find a way to unite the material with the spiritual, the visible with the invisible, thus emerging Daniel Couttolenc Studio creating "spaces of harmony" that speak beyond what can be seen. Just as music is created to be experienced, the spaces and/or pieces I create are to be experienced.
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