Gradient – Wood Side Table

by Luis Gimeno Lloret Spain

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This unique piece is a harmonious composition of four distinct organic shapes, intricately crafted to fit together seamlessly like a carefully assembled puzzle.
The inspiration behind this design is a celebration of the inherent beauty of various wood species, each contributing its unique character to the overall composition. The “Gradient Table” seeks to create a stunning natural color scale, showcasing the rich and diverse hues that emerge from the union of different woods.

Carefully handcrafted from four exquisite wood types, this side table is a tactile and visual delight. The individual pieces are made from:

Beech Wood: Known for its pale and consistent grain, beech wood adds a touch of warmth and uniformity to the ensemble.
Ash Wood: Offering a light and airy appearance with distinctive grain patterns, ash wood introduces a sense of organic elegance to the table.
Chestnut Wood: Infused with deep, warm tones and a pronounced grain, chestnut wood brings a sense of rustic charm and timeless beauty.
Black Stained Oak: Renowned for its durability and character, black stained oak wood completes the quartet with its rich, deep hues and prominent grain patterns, adding a touch of modern sophistication.

The handcrafted nature ensures that each table is a unique expression of the artisan’s skill and the inherent qualities of the wood. Assembled with precision, the puzzle-like arrangement of these organic pieces invites tactile exploration and appreciation for the natural world. This side table transcends functionality, becoming a statement piece that seamlessly integrates with a variety of interiors.

This table can be costumized by changing the size and by using different woods, so that the color result is different.

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I am driven by my passion of desiging careful, timeless and unique furniture and lightning following a fun and useful design philosophy. By understanding that design should be everlasting and not compromised with trends nor seasons, I want to inspire with products which follow low impact production processes, where quality comes before quantity and there is no mass production. Each piece is special, durable and made to measure. Experimenting with organic and bold shapes inspired by the playful design style of the 60s/70s furniture. Harmonious and natural colors are the key for graceful and delicate outcomes. Products are produced with natural materials considering both social and environmentally sustainable guidelines. Sand, glass and wood have been the best partners so far. Each piece acts as an object of art and conquers the room creating a pleasant atmosphere.
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