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The “Mortaise 400” and the “Mortaise 750” shelf are made of cork and metal, a confrontation of two materials, assembled without glue. A folded metal frame is embed in the cork slab. This allows for recycling of the product at the end of its life and avoids transportation constraints thanks to its flat packaging.

Clean lines, simple shape, and soft geometry. The drawings exploit fundamental shapes; curves, circles and ellipses. Softness is put under tension of straight lines and sharper angles, conferring energy to the shape.

These cork shelves highlights the quality of the materials with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. Inspired by mortise and tenon wooden joints. The metal is inlaid in the cork as a subtle detail. Simple and soft shapes without superfluous details for timeless design.

Attachment and material integrity. The object must age well to be kept and passed on. The materials are chosen for their aesthetic and technical qualities but also for how they evolve over time. Made in Portugal by craftsmen with outstanding know-how.

The cork offers a large panel of ecological advantages, from its production to its various possibilities of recycling. Cork oak is one of the tree species which absorbs the most of CO2 in the atmosphere, so its production helps in the fight against climate change. There’s no need to cut the tree to get the material. The bark regenerates itself every 9 years, thus, it preserves the forest and its ecosystem.

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40x25x6, 75x25x6

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When I started my career in Copenhagen, Denmark, I discovered a design practice closely related to craftsmanship. The latter plays an avant-garde role. Motivated by a free artistic practice and enriched by its know-how, it dictates the exploratory and innovative dynamic in the design process.  Thus in the design studios I worked for, I frequently collaborated with artisans for the product development (tableware, interior accessories). Their know-how led me to the constant research of a unique result where the material is respected and despite technical challenges always in focus. The material itself occupies this central place throughout all the project. Back in France, I hold on to this collaborative approach with craftsmen, whether for the initial phases of creation or for bespoke pieces production.  At a time of mass production, the product origin is often vague, far from our territories and our values. Today, I wish to go further in this process of enhancing hand intelligence and unique know-how, while producing ethically and locally. In this spirit I develop a range of objects in small series, with clean shapes, through which I claim this attachment to natural and sustainable materials, a timeless design far from industrial standard. All these objects are manufactured in France or in Europe, as close as possible to the places of the raw materials production, by craftsmen with outstanding know-how. 
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