"Crooked Lounge Chair"

12 Beautiful Oak Wood Furniture Designs

Discover the exquisite world of oak wood craftsmanship, where nature’s raw elegance meets artistic ingenuity. Our collection delves into the captivating realm of artisans who transform solid oak into masterful contemporary furniture creations. Explore the intricate details, the timeless appeal, and the undeniable beauty that emanates from each piece of oak wood art. From stunning Chandeliers to functional yet artistic furniture, immerse yourself in the allure of oak wood’s rich textures and tones brought to life by skilled hands.

“Rima” Oak Wood Credenza by Peca

Oak "Rima" Credenza
© Peca

There is a fine line between the practical object and the art piece – that is exactly where our handmade mid century modern “Rima” Credenza stands.

TORO by Daniel Couttolenc

©Daniel Couttolenc

TORO stools blur the line between design and sculpture. They are functional stools, with simple lines and a lot of visual power.

Pomelo Wooden Seat II by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Oak Seats
©IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs launch a collection that represents a contemporary interpretation of the vases and Rustic vessels carried by Bedouin tribes.

Oak Wood Foot Stool by Project 213A 

This playful design is inspired by a classic milking stool, and has a fun twist with three individually shaped legs. The stool is hand carved by artisans in northern Portugal.

“Crooked Lounge Chair” by Nazara Lazaro

"Crooked Lounge Chair"
©Nazara Lazaro

The Crooked Lounge Chair is part of the Crooked Collection, an ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces. Every piece is made to order, using hand glued timber from selected oak slabs, planed and finished with hard wax oil.

Artefact number 104 by Benjamin Foucaud

Oak Decor
©Benjamin Foucaud

Artefacts are sculptures and center pieces made of scraps, leftovers from the various projects of the workshop.

“Catalina” Oak Coffee Table by Taller Nacional

"Catalina" Coffee Table
©Taller Nacional

The “Catalina” Coffee Table is part of our “Pancha” collection. The collection is inspired by the role of basic geometries in Mexican design and architecture.

The Squiggle Chandelier | Walnut & Red Oak Wood by Christopher Miano

Oak Wood
©Christopher Miano

The Squiggle Chandelier by CAM Design Co. was created through an exploration of shaping solid walnut slab lumber. Designed to bring a smile to any space, each light is thoughtfully selected to highlight the grain pattern and characteristics of American black walnut.

“Verso” Oak Wood Side Table by Peca

"Verso" Side Table

Our “Verso” table is straight out of a poem. A creation filled with cadence. This transposition between the organic materials and the subtle geometry of the design will inspire limitless possibilities in any atmosphere.

Wishbone Dining, Slab Hardwood by STACKLAB


STACKLAB’s signature Wishbone castings with domestic hardwood slab(s). Available as a dining table, this design pairs our signature Wishbone castings with joined solid domestic hardwood.

Toledo Oak Wood Armchair by Comité de Proyectos

©Comité de Proyectos

This distinctive armchair adds boldness to your living room. The soft, big-cushioned seat and Leather Pillow defines comfortability. Perfect solution for reading areas.

Reclaimed Oak Wood Floor Lamp by Studio ORYX

©Studio ORYX

This beautiful rustic floor standing lamp consist of reclaimed wood and metal structure.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Oak Wood pieces that capture timeless elegance, cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality. We select each item for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era, pushing the boundaries of what we consider classic.

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