Wooden Benches: Art and Utility

In the realm of furniture, wooden benches stand as a testament to how craftsmanship seamlessly meets function. Wood, with its timeless appeal, lends itself beautifully to designs that are as much about aesthetics as they are about utility. Whether it’s the raw architectural might of the Brutalist style, the pared-down elegance of Minimalist design, or the balanced innovations inspired by Bauhaus, wooden benches effortlessly elevate living spaces, making them both beautiful and practical.

Ohus – Bold Geometric Bench by Heilig Objects

© Heilig Objects

The OHUS bench is minimalist and multifunctional, serving as a bench, sideboard, or side table. It has signal-colored steel discs and an ash wood panel. When stacked, it becomes a high shelf or room divider.

Bolo – Handcrafted Mahogany Settee by Jackrabbit Studio

This hand-crafted piece incorporates traditional woodworking elements into modern, organic forms. With its Mid-century modern influence, evident in the rich wood tones and curvilinear, clean lines, the Bolo settee exudes unexpected yet timeless charm.

“IO” Bench by Buket Hoşcan Bazman

Boho Chic Wood Bench Design Made In turkey
© Buket Hoşcan Bazman

Boucle fabric upholstered bench with brass detailed, hand-carved solid wood legs.


Wood and Upholstery Boho Chic Benches

One of the symbols of Ukrainian land a sunflower (Soniah), has become a leitmotif of design.

Acid Maximalsim “Spale” Bench by Bogdan Kryvosheya

Sturdy wooden benches showcasing timeless craftsmanship.
© Bogdan Kryvosheya

The Maximalism Acid “Spale” Bench, is a unique piece crafted from reclaimed railroad ties in Soviet industrial surroundings.

“Crooked Oak Bench” by Nazara Lazaro

"Crooked Bauhaus Lounge Chair"
©Nazara Lazaro

Every piece is made to order, using hand glued timber from selected oak slabs, planed and finished with hard wax oil.

“Curved Minimalist Bench” by Jānis

“Curved Minimalist Bench” by Jānis

Functional handmade Minimalist masterpiece – sculpture by aesthetics and bench by function. 

Confined Crafts – Bench by Tellurico Design Studio 

Confined Crafts – Bench by Tellurico Design Studio 
©Tellurico Design Studio 

This piece is fully customizable in functions, shape and typology of wood. Starting from this design a custum-made piece can be developed based on the client’s needs

K Y R A | Bench by N I S H

K Y R A | Bench by N I S H
© N I S H

KYRA Bench by NISH – Elegant seating made from quality Ash Wood.

Wormhole Bench by Forrest Hudes

Wormhole Bench by Forrest Hudes
©Forrest Hudes

The Wormhole Bench is made from solid red oak, laminated and carved. The seat of the bench is punctuated with orifices that disrupt its surface and allow a glimpse through the seat.

Banca Tres by OW arquitectos

Geometrical bench handmade in Tzalam Wood, featuring an embedded ceramic planter.
© OW arquitectos

Geometrical bench handmade in Tzalam Wood, featuring an embedded ceramic planter.

Fire bench by Melissa Mariller

Fire Bench by Melissa Mariller – Crafted from Pine and Birch Plywood with Acrylic Stain Finish.

“Weeping Willow” Bench by Caroline Kable

Weeping Brutalist Willow Bench by Caroline Kable – Made from Mahogany Wood

Foot Wood Bench by Project 213A 

Foot Wood Bench by Project 213A 
© Project 213A

The bench is hand carved by artisans in northern Portugal from chestnut wood or walnut and oil finished to have a smooth surface.

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Choosing a wooden bench means investing in a piece of furniture that not only serves its primary purpose but also tells a story of design evolution, nature’s charm, and masterful craftsmanship. They remain the favorite choice for those in pursuit of artistic, original, and functional seating options.

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