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+25 Wooden Seats: Beautiful & Comfortable

Wooden seats have long been the embodiment of blending artistic craftsmanship with unparalleled comfort. Their natural grain patterns, combined with human ingenuity, create seats that are not just functional but are also true artistic expressions. Whether it is the rustic charm of boho chic, the streamlined simplicity of minimalist design, or the balanced innovation from Bauhaus inspirations, wooden seats have a unique way of making a statement while offering comfort.

Bauhaus Sedia Tonda by Studio Edoardo Lietti

Shaped through clear lines composed of squares and circles the Conceptual form is created where each element proves essential for the joinery. This slotting system gives the freedom of easy disassembly and flexibility. Natural black pigments stained on birch plywood.

Crooked Wooden Lounge Chair by Nazara Lazaro

Crooked minimalist Lounge Chair Made from wood
©Nazara Lazaro

The Minimalist Crooked Lounge Chair is part of the Crooked Collection, an ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces. 

Icpalli wood chair by Kresta Studio

Icpalli is a chair that comes to life through the hands of skilled artisans. In Mexico, they hold a deep belief that artisans are the heart and soul of the culture.

ZERO V2 Wood Chair by Simone Fanciullacci 

Cozy wood Boho chic chair made in italy
©Simone Fanciullacci

Zero V2 is a 21st century sculptural stool made by young Italian artists using black ebonized ash wood technique.

“Clara” Minimalist Wooden Chair by Taller Nacional

Minimalist wood “Clara” Chair by Taller Nacional
©Taller Nacional

The Minimalist Clara” wood and upholstered is part of our “BASE” collection and is inspired by the Mexican modernist era. In Taller Nacional, wood is used as a basis.

Elements Wooden Seats by Daniel Couttolenc

Elements Wooden Seats and stools by Daniel Couttolenc
©Daniel Couttolenc

ELEMENTS by Daniel Couttolenc is a family of stools where the measurements are based on the golden ratio. The shapes are an abstraction of the essence of the 4 elements.

STOA Wooden Seats by Studio Mohs

STOA Chair by Studio Mohs
© Studio Mohs

Designed with modern and simple geometry, the Art Deco Stoa chair emerged as a result of blending natural materials with minimal lines.

Wormhole Wooden Bench by Forrest Hudes

Wormhole Bench by Forrest Hudes
©Forrest Hudes

The Wormhole Bench is made from solid red oak, laminated and carved. The seat of the bench is punctuated with orifices that disrupt its surface and allow a glimpse through the seat.

Banca Tres by OW arquitectos

© OW arquitectos

Geometrical bench handmade in Tzalam Wood, featuring an embedded ceramic planter.

Lyre Boho Chic Chair by AKA architects

Boho Chic Lyre Chair,
©AKA architects

The Boho Chic Lyre Chair, handmade in bamboo, is a perfect balance of craftsmanship and design.

Wood Foot Seats by Project 213A 

Foot Chair by Project 213A 
© Project 213A

The Walnut Foot accent chair stands on 3 hand-carved irregular legs. This chair design is both decorative and functional and will become a special addition to any room.

Toledo Coastal Armchairs by Comité de Proyectos

Toledo Armchair by Comité de Proyectos
© Comité de Proyectos

This distinctive armchair adds boldness to your living room. Embrace the very comfortable soft, big-cushioned seat.

Foot Wood Benches by Project 213A 

Foot Wood Bench by Project 213A 
© Project 213A

The bench is hand carved by artisans in northern Portugal from chestnut wood or walnut and oil finished to have a smooth surface.

“Shape N.2” Boho Chic Chairs by Anna Bera

“Shape N.2” Boho Chic Chair by Anna Bera
© Anna Bera

The ‘Shape N.2Boho Chic chair was designed, so to say, at leisure. The artist, frustrated and disappointed with failures in her work on another object, began to play freely with the form in 3D software.

Tamra Wooden Seats I by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Tamra Wooden Seats I by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council
© IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs launch a collection that represents a contemporary interpretation of the vases and vessels carried by Bedouin tribes. 

Useful Wooden Seats by Sanghyeok Lee

Useful Chair by Sanghyeok Lee
© Sanghyeok Lee

Useful Mid Century Modern Chair made by Brass and Oak Wood by Sanghyeok Lee.

“Pancha” Lounge Chair by Taller Nacional

"Pancha" Lounge Chair
© Taller Nacional

Pancha Boho Chic Lounge Chair inspired by the role of basic geometries in Mexican design and architecture:

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Every wooden seat represents a story. A tale of the tree it came from, the vision of its designer, and the hands that crafted it. These seats not only enhance the aesthetic of living rooms but also exude an aura of authenticity and warmth. This uniqueness makes them a prime choice for those looking for original, beautiful, and comfortable seating options.

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