13 Unique Conceptual Seats for Every Home

The world of Conceptual design continues to inspire artists, architects, and designers globally, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Embracing this ethos, we present our curation of 13 unique conceptual seats. Each conceptual masterpiece showcases visionary ingenuity, provoking thought and illuminating spaces with captivating brilliance. Experience the harmonious fusion of artistic expression and functional design as we showcase conceptual seats that redefine the concept of illumination in 2023.

Sedia Tonda by Studio Edoardo Lietti

Shaped through clear lines composed of squares and circles the Conceptual form is created where each element proves essential for the joinery. This slotting system gives the freedom of easy disassembly and flexibility. Natural black pigments stained on birch plywood.

“Haidar” Conceptual Bedside Table and Stool by Adrian Cruz

Designed by Sandro Giulianelli and Adrian Cruz. . Multipurpose and versatile object: bedside table, stool, discreet container. Inspired by the geometry and marble bichromie of Italian Renaissance cathedrals.

Icpalli by Kresta Studio

Icpalli is a chair that comes to life through the hands of skilled artisans. In Mexico, they hold a deep belief that artisans are the heart and soul of our culture, and as designers, it is our profound responsibility to ensure the preservation of these cherished handcrafted traditions.

Sandbagged 01 by thehighkey 

Sandbagged 01 by thehighkey 
© thehighkey

Sandbagged” is a collection of beanbag Conceptual seats inspired by the natural stacked quality of sandbags. By recontextualizing this product of industry, its affective qualities are revealed.

Hybrid Seat – Welcome Back by Fi

Hybrid Seat – Welcome Back by Fi

WELCOME BACK analyzes pieces of classic furniture lost in time, and brings them to modernity, seeking to resurrect their glory, in a contemporary, futuristic and personal version.

Elements set (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) by Daniel Couttolenc

Elements set (Fire, Earth, Water and Air) by Daniel Couttolenc
©Daniel Couttolenc

ELEMENTS by Daniel Couttolenc is a family of stools where the measurements are based on the golden ratio and the shapes are an abstraction of the essence of the 4 elements.

Pneumatic Chair by Szostak Atelier

© Szostak Atelier

Pneumatic armchair is made with the finest quality vegetable-tanned Italian leather from Tuscany, wenge wood and welded metal profiles.

B.F.M.F Series, 180º Vertical Sofa by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

 Conceptual design
© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This piece is composed of two foam blocks, cut at a right angle, covered by a neoprene sleeve and tamed into a Sofa function by setting it in a steel frame.

Banca Tres by OW arquitectos

© OW arquitectos

Geometrical bench handmade in Tzalam Wood, featuring an embedded ceramic planter.

Recycled Plastic Armchair Version 1 by Willem A. Stibolt

© Willem A. Stibolt

This unique outdoor armchair explores the relation between material, technology and form, with the intention to unite a contemporary material with classical references and traditional processing.

Felt Collection | Stool by STACKLAB


A plush seating surface and back made using off-cut/remnant layers of natural merino wool felt, held together with STACKLAB’s signature plated steel clamping hardware. Standard wood legs can be replaced with matching metal legs.

HULA by Kevin Hviid Studio

© Kevin Hviid Studio

HULA is a playful reference to the hula hoop ring. Inscribed within a circle and square, the construction of HULA is inspired by the iconic Vitruvian Man drawing.

OFFSET by Bonnie Hvillum

© Bonnie Hvillum

OFFSET” is a series of sustainable, sculptural stools designed by Natural Material Studio. The stools consist of biodegradable madress foam, B-Foam, and Dinesen Douglas fir offcuts.

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