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by Bonnie Hvillum Denmark

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“OFFSET” is a series of sustainable, sculptural stools designed by Natural Material Studio. The stools consist of biodegradable madress foam, B-Foam, and Dinesen Douglas fir offcuts. The series of stools is developed from the construction principle of offsets, where the same dimensions are replicated and moved, which creates a lively and ukurant expression of changing the look within the same frame. The offset changes in the construction is meant to compliment the varying and unique character of the foam texture.

The foam that is used as the seat of the stools consists of a foaming technology with a protein based bio-polymer, all developed by the studio. To create a washable and durable surface, the studio has incorporated beeswax into the foam that creates an outer barrier. This makes it possible to expose and use the foam both as a padding and lining at the same time.

The foam biodegrades within 3 months when exposed to soil, compost, or heat and water in combination. The latter makes it possible to reuse and recast the material, and thereby create a closed loop system.

The “OFFSET” stools comes in three variant constructions, #01, #02, #03, and in either white washed or ash pigmented Douglas fir offcuts. The stools are sold individually. All foam seats and wood constructions are handmade by order.

Slight variations in the foam seat texture and color can occur. Delivery time approximately 4 weeks.

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#01, #02, #03


White Washed, Ash Pigmented

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We want to create a future that is fully centred around the circular design principles - reuse, recycle, renew & rethink. That is why we are called the Natural Material Studio, as materials are the building blocks in all designs in the world – from packaging to architecture. The Studio is founded and run by material & interaction designer Bonnie Hvillum: “I am educated to design interactive user experiences, but the playful game of using up what I have with sustainability in mind has always been a great part of me. Establishing my studio on these to pilars – immersive interactions based on residue, let me to Natural Material Studio. I see my working approach very childish, with a naive beginners mind, but also very visionary constantly exploring the potential in the overseen to create highly sensory experiences.”
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