17 Transformative Rustic Seats Blending Materiality and Craftsmanship

The Rustic aesthetic, rooted in the simplicity and beauty of nature, continues to captivate designers and enthusiasts alike. With its emphasis on organic materials, distressed finishes, and timeless appeal, Rustic design transcends trends and brings a sense of warmth and authenticity to any space. Our carefully curated collection of 17 Rustic seats showcases the craftsmanship and natural beauty of materials and their imperfections that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Wormhole Bench by Forrest Hudes

Wormhole Bench by Forrest Hudes
© Forrest Hudes

The Wormhole Bench is made from solid red oak, laminated and carved. The seat of the bench is punctuated with orifices that disrupt its surface and allow a glimpse through the seat. 

Carpet Matter Chair #1 by Riccardo Cenedella

Carpet Matter Chair #1 by Riccardo Cenedella
© Riccardo Cenedella

This chair is part of the Carpet Matter collection, realised using carpet waste and off-cuts collected from events and temporary sets.

COMMA V1 Stool by Simone Fanciullacci

COMMA V1 Stool by Simone Fanciullacci
© Simone Fanciullacci

Comma V1 is a 21st-century Rustic stool made by Italian artisans in cast bronze. It is part of the collectible design language that has been developed by Edizione Limitata’s art research team in Milan.

Neolithic Thinker Stool by Panorammma Atelier

Neolithic Thinker Stool by Panorammma Atelier
© Panorammma Atelier

Neolithic Thinker is a stool hand sculpted from red tezontle stone, a highly oxidized and porous volcanic rock endemic to Mexico. Its design draws from different historical references coming together in a syncretic form that is at once primitive, modern, and prehispanic.

Toasted Scrap Stool by Toasted Furniture

Toasted Scrap Stool by Toasted Furniture
© Toasted Furniture

Toasted Furniture is a project that combines innovation, design and ecology. Everyday waste plastics – for example, the packaging of cleaning products – are recycled with the help of an innovative and simple device.

“Mother” Bench by Caroline Kable

© Caroline Kable

The “Mother” bench is inspired by Caroline Kable’s traumatic brain injury. During her recovery, she has been marrying her poetry and love for stone.

Look Down by Carl Hultin

© Carl Hultin

The design is a Rustic type chair with three feet. It is beige and red and is Carl Hultin’s first attempt at painting over metal.

Carved Wooden Stool by Tellurico Design Studio

© Tellurico Design Studio

This stool is inspired by the ancient technique of wood carving and adapted to the contemporary aesthetic. This particular stool is hand-carved out from solid wood.

Confidente by Studio Terre

© Studio Terre

Mediterranean-inspired, the “Confidente”, a two-seater chair made of raw earth oils and natural waxes, is a metaphor and abstraction of the collective dwellings typical of Morocco.

Knot Round Stool by Sho Ota

© Sho Ota

The “Knot Round Stool” highlights the quality of a wood knot, the character of which is often treated as a defect and neutralized in industrial processing.

“Tori” Stool by Ries Studio

© Ries Studio

“Tori” is a Rustic sand-casted aluminium stool, created using the lost foam technique and inspired by the Japanese arch that marks the boundary between the profane and the sacred space.

Hajar Chair by IRTHI and Architecture + Other Things

Hajar Chair
© IRTHI and Architecture + Other Things

This Rustic piece has been produced during the “Design Labs” initiative by Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council.

Windows of Bo Bardi – Butter by Linde Freya Tangelder

Windows of Bo Bardi - Butter
© Linde Freya Tangelder

Expanding the Windows of Bo Bardi series, the objects take a primitive way of taking things one step further: the gestures are connected to youth and a natural state of curiosity, an urge for building.

“Revolve” – No. 03 by Flensted Mouritzen

"Revolve" – No. 03 (no. 02/03)
© Flensted Mouritzen

The starting point of this project is rooted in the designer’s interest in old stucco materials and moulding techniques. It has grown into a fascination with the two-dimensional line of the running mould technique being transformed through a specifically created turning machine into a three-dimensional object.

“Terrão” Bench by Domingos Tótora

© Domingos Tótora

Domingo Tótora’s “Terrão” bench is made from the designer’s signature material: recycled cardboard, transformed in a certifiably sustainable process.

Tactile Monoliths, No. 3 by Stine Mikkelsen

Tactile Monoliths no 3
© Stine Mikkelsen

Stine Mikkelsen has created a collection of Rustic objects inspired by the rough harbour environment on the Danish island where she grew up.

“Prélèvement” N.1 by Gaspard Graulich

“Prélèvement” N.1
© Gaspard Graulich

“Prélèvement” is a series of pieces questioning our human ability to perceive functions into shapes. Submitted to melting, pressure and erosion, rocks are shaped without will. Into these unintentional shapes, we nevertheless project meanings

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