"Glory" Mirror

Brass: The Timeless Elegance

Brass, a captivating alloy of copper and zinc, has woven its way through the tapestry of human history, reflecting both utilitarian purpose and artistic finesse. Its glistening surface and harmonious blend of properties have rendered it indispensable, gracing instruments that serenade the soul and adorning structures that stand as testaments to architectural brilliance. In this exploration, we unravel the essence of brass, tracing its evolution from antiquity to modernity, and illuminating the myriad roles it has assumed across cultures and industries.



The brass “ruled” top has a double meaning.
First, it’s governed by nature’s law of imbalance:
“The Mother Nature is every moment new, never returns to previous condition. The gravity and magnetosphere are changeable and imbalanced.” – Kontar, V. A.
Second, its geometry is ruled and measured, meaning that its cross-sections are made only of arcs and tangential lines.

Taco de Luz Satin Brass by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

A celebration of craftsmanship and our Studio’s minimalist hands-on approach to applied creativity, this sophisticated pendant light is completely handmade in Greece, from its impressive hand-hammered bronze reflector sheet to the tubular light source inside it.

ARMILLA 06 Brass Chandelier by SCATTER ◆ D

ARMILLA invites to a relationship with light. The tubes, like Doric columns, call for a movement around the Art Deco object, in a mutual exchange between points of view and reflected rays.

“Glory” Brass Mirror by VAUST Studio

"Glory" Mirror
© VAUST Studio

This transcendence of reality naturally decreases with time as the refraction grows blurrier and weaker. The glorifying brass sheet is kept in place by a black oaken base and antagonized by a vertical marble piece.

Jewel Brass Light 7 by Koen Van Guijze

Small geometrical shapes, turned in gold. Like art, light objects can give warmth and inspiration. Koen has creates several light objects that give comfort for the soul.

“BRAVÉ” À plat, brass pendant lamp. by Las Ánimas

©Las Ánimas

Designed through experimentation with wood and brass as structural components. The conceptual result: expanded constructions of lightweight appearance. Geometric layouts of a resounding yet ethereal look, full of functional and artistic possibilities.

Trapeze by Koen Van Guijze

Art Déco revisited. Like art, light objects can give warmth and inspiration. Koen has creates several light objects that give comfort for the soul.

Aria brass ceiling light by Stem

© Stem

The Aria ceiling light draws inspiration from the gentle movements of a swaying cloth, dancing gracefully with the rhythm of the wind. It is a harmonious blend of two contrasting elements, brass, and linen, each showcasing their true essence with authenticity.

“GIRIA” Brass Pedestal Bowl by Evelina Kudabaite

"GIRIA" Pedestal Bowl
©Evelina Kudabaite

GIRIA in Lithuanian means an old-growth forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance. The Boho Chic project is aimed to pass the sensations of the forest through material, to bring the nature to urban home.

“Presence” Chair by Gaspard Graulich

©Gaspard Graulich

« Presence » is a series of seats which get enriched by the memory of its use, the memory of presences. By using a 0.8 mm thick, raw brass sheet, brazed on a steel structure, this very flexible seat keeps a print of every use and contact it encounters through oxidation and deformation.

“Puvvi” Foyer Table by Studio Lél

These are handmade from semiprecious stone and marble in a small artisanal workshop. The art deco inspired brass base provides a copper glow.

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