8 Notable Neo Industrial Cabinets & Shelves

The Neo Industrial movement has become a major source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers around the globe. Embracing the fusion of raw materials, utilitarian forms, and contemporary aesthetics, Neo Industrial design pushes the boundaries of traditional concepts. Today, its impact resonates strongly in various creative fields, including furniture design. Explore our carefully curated selection of 8 exceptional Neo Industrial Storage Units that seamlessly combine form and function.

O.F.I.S Series, Neo Industrial Tubular Shelf by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

This tubular steel shelf forms part of the Series O.F.I.S (Objects From Intersticial Space) by Lucas Muñoz, an ongoing research of industrial material’s potential for narrative.

T SW Neo Industrial Book Shelf by Mantas Lesauskas

Neo Industrial
© Mantas Lesauskas

“Gothic-inspired furniture, rich materials, and tender subtlety in Mantas Lesauskas‘ “Slipcover” exhibition. Engaging, enigmatic, and emotionally connected designs.”

Gentleman’s Valet Stand by Szostak Atelie

Gentleman’s Valet Stand by Szostak Atelie
© Szostak Atelie

The base of the hanger is made of polished concrete, which lends a modern, industrial look while providing sturdy support. The sleek and minimalist design of the concrete leg enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece.

Object 00 by Buffet Collective

Object 00 by Buffet Collective
© Buffet Collective

As a whole, Object 00 is confusing. It doesn’t try to solve anything; actually, it might be problematic instead. It is strange. It does not fall into any category. Sometimes it is a shelving unit for things, curiosities, and maybe some books and magazines.

“Romance & Gravity”Cabinet by Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

“Romance & Gravity”Cabinet by Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas
© Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

The “Romance & Gravity” Cabinet is made from Carbon and Epoxy Resin. A striking design enhances an expression of functional neo-industrial poise.

Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) by Sanghyeok Lee

Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless) by Sanghyeok Lee
© Sanghyeok Lee

Useful Arbeitsloser (Jobless)” by Sanghyeok Lee: Brass and Maple Wood shelves.

Free Port Series Skin Cabinet by Pepa Reverter

Free Port Series Skin Cabinet
© Pepa Reverter

Free Port Series Skin is the cabinet produced by BD Barcelona. In this special edition numbered and signed by Pepa Reverter.

Neo Industrial “Tree” Bookcase by Gupica

"Tree" Bookcase
© Gupica

The free-standing “Tree” Bookcase draws inspiration from the stylized shape of a tree, with a base that recalls magazine racks of the early 1900s.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Neo Industrial pieces that embody a fusion of raw aesthetics, modern functionality, and bold innovation. Each item is carefully selected for its unique ability to transcend traditional industrial design, pushing the boundaries of what is considered contemporary.

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