10 Best Neo Industrial Tables Blending Functionality and Raw Aesthetics

The Neo Industrial movement has become a major source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers around the globe. Embracing the fusion of raw materials, utilitarian forms, and contemporary aesthetics, Neo Industrial design pushes the boundaries of traditional concepts. Today, its impact resonates strongly in various creative fields, including furniture design. Explore our carefully curated selection of 10 exceptional Neo Industrial tables that seamlessly combine form and function.

F15 E Side Table by Mantas Lesauskas

Neo Industrial movement
© Mantas Lesauskas

Mantas LesauskasNeo Industrial furniture reminds us that design is the love language of objects.

TM3 Table by Rodrigo Bravo F.

TM3 Table by Rodrigo Bravo F.
©  Rodrigo Bravo F.

The “TM3” is part of the first edition of the “Tube Mutations” series which aims to build a collection of simple and ambiguous objects.

Alkemy Console by Leo De Carlo

Alkemy Console by Leo De Carlo
© Leo De Carlo

Inspired by the Renaissance myth of the Philosopher’s Stone, vainly sought after by alchemists and scholars in past centuries, “ALKEMY” takes the tools of the alchemist’s trade and transforms them into decorative sculptures.

Kaus – Sahara Noir Side Table by DFdesignLab

Kaus – Sahara Noir Side Table by DFdesignLab
© DFdesignLab

Kaus by Nicola Di Froscia is a highly functional and minimal side table, easily adaptable in any kind of interior space.

Amadeus Family Constanza Table by Wang Yichu

Amadeus Family Constanza Table by Wang Yichu
© Wang Yichu

As part of the collection of the Amadeus family, the Neo Industrial Constanza table carried out the same design language and philosophy with a slightly different touch given the tabletop material.

Temporal Collection, Exercise 2 Table by Lucas Muñoz

Temporal Collection, Exercise 2 Table by Lucas Muñoz
© Lucas Muñoz

“Exercise 2” desk is part of the collection ‘Temporal’, commissioned by the Machado Muñoz.

Vent Table by Calen Knauf Studio

© Calen Knauf Studio

“Vent” by Calen Knauf has a bold graphic quality that is created by a linear array of offset aluminium slats, slightly inset into its oversized cylindrical base.

Table for the Artless Administrator by taupe

Neo Industrial
© taupe

Inspired by antique Chinese altar tables, the Neo Industrial “Table for the Artless Administrator” piece by taupe distorts traditional profiles and motifs.

T1: Spam Table by BUSRA TUNC


The “T1: Span Table” is an adaptable table unit that provides dual-level usage scenarios. T1 transforms itself via its custom-designed, bearing lifting mechanism and foldable joints.



The Altar by COSEINCORSO is inspired by prayer kneelers and small altars found in the Béguines’ rooms. Each metal piece is cut by hand and the welds are still visible.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Neo Industrial pieces that embody a fusion of raw aesthetics, modern functionality, and bold innovation. Each item is carefully selected for its unique ability to transcend traditional industrial design, pushing the boundaries of what is considered contemporary.

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