15 Effortlessly Chic Art Deco Tables

Born in the roaring 1920s, the Art Deco movement was a celebration of opulence, innovation, and sophistication. Its influence permeated various artistic disciplines, including architecture, fashion, and, of course, furniture design. Even today, the allure of Art Deco endures, captivating admirers with its timeless elegance and its ability to seamlessly blend past and present. Experience our handpicked selection of 15 unique Art Deco tables ideal for the year 2023.

Iris Table by Studio Sunt

Art Deco movement
© Studio Sunt

The Iris Table is inspired by the exceptional forms found in nature and made with Cast Solid Bronze. This Art Deco-inspired design is an instrumental component of the modern living space.

Mistral Dining Table by Studio Bazazo

Mistral Dining Table by Studio Bazazo
© Studio Bazazo

“Mistral Dining Table” plays with the contrast of heavy and light. With a prominent split down the centre of the table, the top floats on either side of its monumental base, giving an airy feel to an otherwise solid material.

Wire-Brushed Solid Oak Pantalone Side Table by Animate Objects

Wire-Brushed Solid Oak Pantalone Side Table by Animate Objects
© Animate Objects

This unique side table is handcrafted with wire-brushed solid oak construction. It is a visually balanced object with soft curves combined with pure geometric lines and it features the contemporary aspects of casual sophistication

Amazonas Stool by AYRES

Amazonas Stool by AYRES

The Amazonas Stool is inspired by the Amazon Empire and crafted with marble for strength and elegance, capturing the grandeur of a powerful culture.

Reclaimed Tzalam Wood Night Stand by Studio ORYX

Reclaimed Tzalam Wood Night Stand by Studio ORYX
© Studio ORYX

Studio ORYX’s reclaimed Tzalam wood nightstand is eco-friendly, stylish, and crafted with recycled wood, showcasing natural beauty and sustainability.

The Stilts – Travertine Coffee Table Set by DFdesignLab

© DFdesignLab

The Stilts coffee table collection by Nicola Di Froscia is created through the combination of travertine tops and steel legs, which are finished with a golden leaf application.

VALENTINE – Oval Marble Coffee Table by william mulas 

Valentine,” an art deco-inspired coffee table by William Mulas, combines a contemporary metal base with a luxurious Brown Forest marble top. It features a special tapered edge for an elegant, light appearance. This sophisticated table offers customization to suit any living space. Its brushed finish enhances the marble’s natural texture, making each piece uniquely beautiful.

“Rima” Console by Peca

© Peca

Rima combines the cadence of the turned rod texture base and the luscious feel of the surface created by the porous travertine marble – a flawless piece full of lyrical expression that will provide a creative solution to any space.

Ornament Cubic Stool/ Side Table by Rehrev Studio

© Rehrev Studio

The Art Deco-inspired “Cubic” stool/side table is a new way to accompany your daily routine. The embroideries and metal designs are made by Turkish artisans.

“Puvvi” Foyer Table by Studio Lél

© Studio Lél

Puvvi is handmade from semiprecious stone and marble in a small artisanal workshop.

“Puvvi” Twirl Tables – Set of two by Studio Lél

© Studio Lél

From the Urdu word for the chrysanthemum flower, Studio Lél’s Vogue-featured “Puvvi” Collection is a lively celebration of femininity.

Gediz Side Table by Marble Balloon

© Marble Balloon

The Gediz Side Table is part of the River Collection, inspired by rivers worldwide. Brass and marble create a unique and elegant piece, telling their stories.

Jupiter Dining Table by STACKLAB 

Art Deco

The “Jupiter Dining Table” pairs STACKLAB’s signature solid-bronze Jupiter leg castings with domestic hardwood or custom stone table tops.

Pétalas Table in Cabreúva Wood & Marble by YANKATU


The “Pétalas Table” features bases in solid Cabreúva wood, inspired by the designs of the flower petals from the gardens painted by the artisans of the Jequitinhonha Valley.

“Ala” Solo Table by Errin Kancal

© Errin Kancal

The Art Deco-inspired “Ala” table gently alludes to a divine, colourful existence. A culture blended, wrapped, and honoured – welcoming your embrace. The quality of craftsmanship is visible in every angle of the marble’s fine finish.

“Servant” Side Table by VAUST Studio

"Servant" Side Table
© VAUST Studio

The Servant is at steady disposal to lock a secret inside the thickness of its acrylic glass. The grey acrylic is firm and strong, yet transparent and seemingly fragile. It forms the unexpected connection between a marble top and an oak base.

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