Pétalas Table in Cabreúva Wood & Marble – With artisans from Brazil

by YANKATU Brazil


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The “Pétalas Table” features bases in solid Cabreúva wood, inspired by the designs of the flower petals from the gardens painted by the artisans of the Jequitinhonha Valley on their ceramic pieces and often on the facades of their houses. The design of the bases goes beyond the Brazilian champagne marble top and stands out on the surface of the piece.

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“Coincidence, fate or chance… I can’t say, I just know that once again I saw myself in Minas Gerais, received with sincere joy, a tight hug and a smile in my eyes.

Arriving at Vale do Jequitinhonha is like diving into part of our history, a story that changed many lives and influenced many others.

Place of women of strength, determination and courage. Women who put their souls in clay and through it describe their lives and welcome their dreams, expressing all the delicacy and softness they have inside. Women who, molding clay, learned to respect time, without however letting it pass, to accept adversity, without settling down, and today they plant their gardens around the world, rewriting their destinies.

It was there, in Vale do Jequitinhonha, a place so full of the past, stories and traditions, that I filled my soul with the future and learned to live with time. The time where the old and the new merge, merge, transform into each other and become part of our memories.”

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My motivation comes from my soul and flows openly, on my life and in my work. I love what I do and I do it with intensity, I live every moment and I transmit all this emotion. In each project I immerse myself deeply in the region, in their craft and in the lives of the people who make them, it is a dive governed by research and by my soul, guided by the heart, done with respect and with the rhythm dictated by time. I get transformed and provoke transformations, and these atitudes reflect in the surroundings and beyond. I believe that design and art are one of the ways to value and eternalize the ancestral knowledge of Brazilian traditional crafts and the importance of nature around us, and so I use all tools that I have to create a quilt of infinite possibilities, full of feelings. Through Yankatu I expose not only my work, I bring with me the dreams and works of the artisans and instigate new dreams. The tangible part of this work are the pieces that intertwine my touch with the lives that share their moments with me. The other part, immeasurable, is in continuous development, in a mixture of art and freedom, with no date to finish. It is a continuous development, in a relationship created around respect and trust. My desire, to be able to do this as long as I live.
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