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Marble, with its timeless elegance and remarkable versatility, has remained a cherished treasure in the world of design and architecture for centuries. This exquisite natural stone has graced the halls of ancient temples, adorned the palaces of kings and emperors, and found its way into the modern homes and spaces of today. Explore our collection showcasing how ancient traditions meet contemporary innovation.

Lunair Marble light by Filip Janssens

A Coastal piece, “Lunair” diffuses a soft light like the sun that lights the moon.

Théros 0.2 by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

The base is made of white Volakas marble from Drama, Greece, with its characteristic grey veins. Because of the natural patterns in the marble, every lamp is unique

Desert Marble Box Set by AYRES


A hand carved marble Eclectic Box fit for holding your most treasured pieces.

SUMATRA BRONZE V2 Low Table by Simone Fanciullacci 

©Simone Fanciullacci 

Sumatra V2 is a 21st-century side table made by Italian artisans in cast bronze with a light brown patina with an extraordinary Botticino Classico marble plane.

Ether Marble Vase by Kickie Chudikova

©Kickie Chudikova

The Marble is sourced from local marble shop in Brooklyn. Subsequently, handpicked from a huge heap of scrap material, that would otherwise be unused.

KURSAAL Armchair by Simone Fanciullacci

©Simone Fanciullacci

A brushed steel frame, characterised by a perforated geometric decoration. Inspired by the aesthetics of Jean Prouvé that lightens the volume. Partly covered with two panels of precious Patagonia marble.

Megalith Marble Coffee Table by Duffy London Ltd

The Megalith coffee table is a striking new addition to the Megalith collection. A dazzling piece of modern furniture from Christopher Duffy, and luxurious addition to the living space.

Conduit by Hoi Kaloi

©Hoi Kaloi

Conduit’ is a Bauhaus tabletop lamp that connects the heritage of marble design with contemporary manufacturing techniques.

Lago Marble Tall Vessel by AYRES


Decorative vessel in marble, handmade by artisans in Puebla, México.

Lago Marble Vase by AYRES 


This Brutalist piece is hand carved from one piece of marble.

Marble “Invisible Cities” Box by Studio Lél

©Studio Lél

“Invisible Cities” are handmade from semiprecious stone and marble in a small artisanal workshop.

PARANOID V3 Console by Simone Fanciullacci

©Simone Fanciullacci

Paranoid V3 is a 21st Century sculptural low table made by Italian artisans in Green Guatemala marble.

Comet Floor Light by Dan Yeffet 

"COMET" Floor Light
©Dan Yeffet

A light constellation or a light installation. COMET is a unique piece combining precious materials.

“Reidi” Centrepiece by Studio Lél 

©Studio Lél

“Reidi” Centrepiece is handmade from semiprecious stone and marble in a small artisanal workshop.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Marble pieces that capture timeless elegance, cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality. We select each item for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era, pushing the boundaries of what we consider classic.

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