+25 Wooden Tables: Timelessly Beautiful

In the heart of modern home design, wooden tables serve not just as functional furniture but as masterpieces celebrating wood inherent beauty. The fusion of wood’s distinct grain patterns and craftsmanship culminates in a table that is truly unique, beautiful, and original. From the simplistic charm of Minimalist designs and the elegant finesse of Scandinavian Modern, wooden tables exemplify artistry. Infuse a soft tough of rustic charm in our selection of curated wooden tables.

Alentejo Travertine and Wood Coffee Tables by Project 213A

Alentejo Travertine and Wood Coffee Tables by Project 213A
© Project 213A

This Chestnut coffee table has an organic and symmetric shaped table top. Made from locally sourced travertine stone and wood.

OO+II Wooden Side Table / Stool by Kiki Goti 

OO+II Wooden Side Table / Stool by Kiki Goti 
© Kiki Goti

OO+II Side Table is a geometric wooden table that can be nested inside the OO+II Aluminum Chair. Despite its solid monolithic form, the prismatic shape and the small spherical feet, give a dynamic and elegant character to the piece.

Wood Mid Century Modern Console Tables by Luke Malaney

A unique, Mid Century Modern console table hand sculpted out of solid ash with a whimsical approach. Elevate your home today.

LOLO – II Colorful Wooden Tables by studio YOLK

LOLO is a family of Boho Chic objects, stools or side tables. All of which are alike, yet different – like you and me.

À Scandinavian Modern Wood Dining Tables by Project 213A

Project213A creates an asymmetric table top standing on five oval legs. Ultimately, a wooden Scandinavian modern masterpiece.

Green Wood Dining Tables by Studio Poa

Green Wood Dining Tables by Studio Poa
©Studio Poa

Green Dining Table: A Stylish Art Deco Fusion. Experience the contemporary taste at ADORNO.

“Catalina” Coffee Wooden Tables by Taller Nacional

“Catalina” Coffee Wooden Tables by Taller Nacional
©Taller Nacional

The Mid Century ModernCatalina” Coffee Table is inspired by the role of basic geometries in Mexican design and architecture. Explore indispensable forms to define the concept of simple.

Timber Side Wooden Tables by Lauren Goodman 

Wooden Timber Side Table by Lauren Goodman 
©Lauren Goodman

The Timber Side Table is made from 6×6 sections of Eastern White Pine reclaimed from architectural timber framing offcuts. The wood arrives green and is carefully shaped and assembled into this robust table.

Crooked Dining Wooden Tables by Nazara Lazaro

"Crooked Scandinavian Modern Dining Table"
© Nazara Lazaro

Scandinavian Modern  Crooked Dining Table by Nazara Lazaro. Handcrafted oak, asymmetric design from the Crooked Collection.

Boho Chic Wooden Side Tables by Project 213A

Boho Chic Wooden Side Tables designs by Project 213A
© Project 213A

This Boho Chic wooden side table is crafted from one solid piece of Chestnut wood. It has been force-dried to reinforce the natural texture and colouring of the wood.

Trophy Breakfast Wooden Tables by MOCK STUDIO

Wooden Tables. Trophy Breakfast Table by MOCK STUDIO

Trophy Breakfast Table by MOCK STUDIO. A versatile plywood design in multiple arrangements to evoke movement.

Foot Wooden Side Table with Drawer by Project 213A

The Conceptual Foot side table made in oak or walnut wood with carefully designed jointing details.

EM204 Sculptural Walnut Dining Tables by Eero Moss

EM204 Sculptural Walnut Dining Table by Eero Moss
© Eero Moss

Introducing our stunning dining table, a seamless blend of brutalism and minimalism. It features an organic texture that is both rugged and refined.

Wire-Brushed Natural Solid Oak Side Table by Animate Objects

Wire-Brushed Natural Solid Oak Side Table by Animate Objects
© Animate Objects

Inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte character Pantalone. A unique Boho Chic side table handcrafted with wire brushed solid oak construction.

Skógarnytjar: Wooden Tables by studio Björn Steinar

Unique Minimalist hand made dining table from Icelandic wood by studio Björn Steinar

Verso Boho Chic Wooden Coffee Table by Peca Mobiliario

"Verso Coffee Table" Coffee Wooden Tables
© Peca Mobiliario

“Verso Boho Chic Coffee Table” is straight out of a poem. Four flawlessly intersected cords curve up to support the cover delicately poised on top.

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Embracing wooden tables in contemporary spaces signifies a deep appreciation for wooden natural splendor. They are not merely functional entities but emblematic of the confluence of Minimalism, Scandinavian sophistication, and the golden era of Mid Century Modern design.

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