11 Subtle Minimalist Decor For a Simple Home

Discover our carefully curated collection of 11 Minimalist Decor Items that seamlessly blend form and function. These exquisite pieces embody the contemporary aesthetic of 2023, showcasing clean lines and understated elegance. Rooted in the revered minimalist design movement, these Decor Items make a striking statement with their timeless appeal and harmonious proportions. Perfect for modern interiors, they epitomize the essence of simplicity and sophistication.

Tall Relief Minimalist Sculpture by Kristine Engelbrecht

Minimalist Decor
© Kristine Engelbrecht

Tall Relief Sculpture” is an exaggeration of the earlier limited edition RELIEF series. It has a far greater depth, more layers, and a peek all the way through the sculpture.

The Minimalist Mirror of Simple Souls by COSEINCORSO

The Mirror of Simple Souls by COSEINCORSO takes inspiration from medieval stoups often found at the entrance of churches and by the Béguines’ beds. The stainless steel plate is brushed by hand leaving a blurry minimally mirrored surface.

Stainless Steel Mirror by Theodora Alfredsdottir

Stainless Steel Mirror by Theodora Alfredsdottir
© Theodora Alfredsdottir

The project aims to increase general interest in the production of objects. A better understanding of materials and their transformation will ultimately increase the knowledge of our immediate environment.

Minimalist Moon Mirror Light by Anne Nowak

Minimalist Moon Mirror Light by Anne Nowak
© Anne Nowak

Floating as an alluring, multi-dimensional reflection on the wall, this art object represents an enchanting glimpse into an alternative sphere. Inspired by the luminous band of stars unfolding across the sky, this simple work captures a dreamy, vibrant reflection, eternally changing depending on the viewer’s perspective.

Mould 2 by Theodora Alfredsdottir

Mould 2
© Theodora Alfredsdottir

Mould making plays a fundamental role in various manufacturing processes, whether for small batch productions or mass manufacturing. The mould becomes an indispensable tool, giving life to the desired object with precision and efficiency.

SLICE mirror by Helder Barbosa

©Helder Barbosa

The idea for this subtle mirror was to find a way to see yourself from head to toe in only 83cm high which was possible by tilting the top of the mirror.
It’s thickness gives the illusion that it was sculpted in a block of brass.

Mirror – Astra 30 by Clemence Birot

© Clemence Birot

The Astra table mirrors feature a captivating design, comprising a hand-blown glass base, a cut cork sphere, and a round beveled mirror. With the innovative cork sphere, these mirrors can be easily tilted to suit your preferences. Additionally, the glass base offers versatility by incorporating decorative elements or providing a convenient storage space for small objects like jewelry and more.

materia y masa – pilar by Charlotte Anne Declercq

© Charlotte Anne Declercq

This wax sculpture is inspired by the monumental ancient T-slabs of the Göbekli Tepe archeological site in Turkey, where they where put in a composition to create a place for humans to worship the gods.

“Ferrosecco Ovale” Vase – Silverlilac by Federica Elmo

"Ferrosecco Ovale" Vase - Silverlilac
©  Federica Elmo

Introducing the limited edition of 5 pieces, the “Ferrosecco Ovale” in silver-lilac exudes simplicity and elegance. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to reserve yours today!

Pope Vase by Akademie

© Akademie 

Pope Vase responds to its surroundings by distorting reflections in a vertical manner. Following similar playful forms as the whole collection, it can be crowned with flowers of your choice or simply exist as a sculptural element. Hand-formed by local artisans in Istanbul.

Humo – Incense holder by AURA CARPIO


It is a contemporary incense holder, made by a master craftsman in hammered copper from Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, and turned oak wood.

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