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The Eclectic movement, arising from a harmonious fusion of diverse artistic influences, continues to serve as an enduring source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers on a global scale. By placing a strong emphasis on creative exploration and skillful juxtaposition of various styles, the Eclectic movement dares to challenge conventional boundaries. We invite you to peruse our meticulously curated collection for 2023, which showcases 10 unique Eclectic Decor items, where form and function seamlessly coexist in perfect harmony.

Eclectic Coral Vase by Animate Objects

The Coral Vase, with its Matisse-inspired design, embodies the fluidity and movement of the ocean. The combination of blue and brown colors invites you to take a moment to unwind and immerse yourself.

Candy Lady by Yoomoota

© Yoomoota

Candy Lady from the planet Wantland looks absolutely innocent, but a very seductive and dominative creature, who did not accidentally find herself on the Planet of addictions.

“Venezia” Hand-Knotted Tibetan Wool Rug by Sergio Mannino

“Venezia” Hand-Knotted Tibetan Wool Rug by Sergio Mannino
© Sergio Mannino

High-quality hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug. 100% wool. Designed by Sergio Mannino.

Oemni Eclectic Vessel by Sandra Keja Planken

Oemni Eclectic Vessel by Sandra Keja Planken
©Sandra Keja Planken

In the Glasmuseum Leerdam, Sandra formed a unique object based on earlier mythical work.
Draping, hand-blown and hand-formed shapes come together in an enlarged nature-like vessel.

Pillowcase CN°1 by BOI

Pillowcase CN°1 by BOI

Pillowcase CN°1 is a knitted pillowcase made of two different yarns that are a mix of FSC certified viscose and stretch polyamide.

Braided Vase 1 by Bar Bergman

Braided Vase 1 by Bar Bergman
©Bar Bergman

Ceramic braided vase, made from coloured clay (white clay coloured with pigments), matte finish, glazed inside.

Melted V.14 by John Nordenstein

© John Nordenstein

This is a sculptural vase in green colour with white drips. I try and work with different materials to explore each material’s unique spectrum of qualities such as thickness, viscosities, glossiness, and transparency.

Sports at Home III by Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė

© Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė

Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė’s textile artwork: “Sports at Home III” carpet.

NOVA V2 Eclectic Wall Mirror by Simone Fanciullacci

© Simone Fanciullacci

Nova V2 is a 21st Century mirror made by Italian artisans in painted metal. The piece is manufactured in a limited edition of 1000 signed and progressively numbered examples.

Heros, Sunset Wall Mirror by Andreas Berlin 

© Andreas Berlin

The SUNSET WALL MIRRORS are inspired by Art déco and the 70s. The arrangement of translucent and light-conducting Plexiglas panes results in beautiful optical effects and a sculptural character

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