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Transforming a living space is not just about furniture or wall art. It is also about the nuances, the smaller objects that add character. That is where our collection of over 72 unique vases comes into play. From metal and stone to ceramic and porcelain, the materials used are as diverse as the designs themselves. Whether your aesthetic leans toward coastal or boho chic, eclectic or maximalist, you are sure to find something that catches your eye and elevates your interior decor. Dive into our curated selection of vases under Accessories and Decor to find the perfect pieces.

Arwen Boho Chic Jar and Vase by Kelsey Floyd 

Ceramic Boho Chic Vase by Kelsey Floyd
© Kelsey Floyd

Discover this hand-thrown chain jar, featuring a black-speckled texture on a soft white finish. Crafted through dual kiln firings, this ceramics piece from Florida’s Gulf Coast adds unique charm to any space.

Bond Ceramic Boho Chic Vases by Huillet Lucas

The Bond Vase blends ceramic art with Shibari, a Japanese form of tying. Anthropomorphic forms are held together by Shibari knots, designed to balance tension without harm. Experience this unique blend of art and balance in this ceramic piece.

Soft Jug Sculptural Pink Vases by Panorammma Atelier

Sculptural Pink Brutalist Vase for Home Decor
©Panorammma Atelier

Making direct reference to the ability of bodily organs to function as vessels, while also alluding to plastic surgery.

White Genie Stoneware Vases by Two Faced Ceramics

White Stoneware Vases for Home decor
©Two Faced Ceramics

Genie captures the ephemeral quality of mist, turning it into a tangible shape. Crafted from a repurposed “O” vessel, its form is a tribute to the creative possibilities of erosion. Resembling misty valleys or river-generated clouds, Genie adds ethereal beauty to any space.

The Drago Bianco White Ceramic Vase by COSEINCORSO

White Ceramic Vases

This six-dragon-head ceramic is a reinterpretation of the original pot which was specially designed for the wedding trousseau.

KUMANEC Ceramic Boho Chic Vases by FAINA

Ceramic Boho chic Vases For Home Designs

KUMANEC vase revives the shape of traditional Ukrainian festive pottery. An ancestral shape that vibrates with the animistic presence of live design.

My Free Entrance Contemporary Vases by Federica Paglia

Contemporary Coastal Ceramic Vase Designs
©Federica Paglia

The entrance of Rome’s Villa Sciarra has long served as a gateway to the imagination for Federica. Glimpses of lush greenery through the Gianicolo Walls inspire fantastical visions, shifting with the seasons’ lights, shapes, and colors. These sensory experiences are brought to life through intricate embroidery on silk and sewn-on ceramics.

Provvisori / Temporary Modern Vases by Federica Paglia 

Modern Vase Designs
©Federica Paglia

As you move around the object, you will see the different geometries traced by the threads in relation to the initial arrangement of the grips.

Barva 3 Eclectic Ceramic Vase by Pani Jurek

eclectic bauhaus Vases by Pani Jurek
© Pani Jurek

BARVA Bauhaus vases, especially when placed together, look attractive without any plants as independent abstract compositions.

Ground Wood Vase by Ragna Ragnarsdottir

Wood Vase for Home decor
© Ragna Ragnarsdottir

The Ground Vase series is designed and produced with a process created by the designer. Each vase is unique and handcrafted by the designer.

Wave Form Vase Mini by Forma Rosa Studio

Mini vase Crafted in peru
© Forma Rosa Studio

Wave Form Vase Mini” is a classic Brutalist timeless design, developed with digital precision and hand-crafted by artisans in Peru

Pope Metal Vases by Akademie

Pope Vase responds to its surroundings by distorting reflections in a vertical manner. The name comes from its similarity to a pope hat as its form.

Alfonso Ceramic Vase by Project 213A

This vase draws inspiration from the Icelandic volcanic rock formations which can be found by Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

“ITA” Stone Vase Series by ALVA design 

Stone vase for Home decor
© ALVA design

The “ita” word means stone in Tupi Guarani. 

Tulumba Vases by BISKT Studio

Green Vases made from ceramics
©BISKT Studio

Tulumba perfectly embodies our desire to bring together the worlds of industry and craftsmanship

Pierced Ceramic Maximalist Vases by SIUP Studio

Pierced Vase is a hand-built vase with colourful rings from modelling clay by SIUP Studio.

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Investing in a beautifully designed vase is not just about acquiring an object — it is about adding a piece of art to your home. Each vase is a statement, an artistic expression rendered in materials like stoneware or metal, echoing styles as varied as Coastal and Boho Chic. By choosing the right vase, you are not just decorating a room; you are crafting an atmosphere. Check out our extensive range of vases and redefine your living space today.

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