13 Innovative Contemporary Ceramic Designs

Ceramics, the art of creating intricate and functional objects from clay, has stood the test of time. It stands as a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. From the earliest handcrafted pottery of ancient civilizations to the advanced techniques of today’s artisans, contemporary ceramics have seamlessly blended artistry with utility. Dive into the captivating world of ceramic furniture, art and decor across cultures and borders. Whether adorning our homes as exquisite decorations or serving as essential tools in our daily lives, ceramics continue to be a timeless embodiment of both artistic expression and practical craftsmanship.

Melo 3 – Handcrafted Sculptural Ceramic Lamp by melo clay

Melo 3, a cream-colored ceramic lamp by melo clay, beautifully blends soft minimalism with neo-industrial style. This versatile table lamp, inspired by wet clay’s natural response to gravity, is part of an exclusive collection of sculptural lighting fixtures, perfect for reading, working, and ambient lighting

Big Spotty Ceramic Lamp by SIUP Studio

Big Spotty Lamp is a hand-built ceramic lamp by SIUP Studio. This lamp is great for any eclectic inspired home.

Gilberto Color by Pepa Reverter

© Pepa Reverter

Gilberto is a side table that is part of the Bossanova collection, it is made of ceramic with hand finishes.

ORGUS Mirror N.10 by Humberto da Mata

© Humberto da Mata

ORGUS pieces are all manually fabricated in Humberto da Mata’s studio in São Paulo, Brazil. The presented piece was hand molded with paper pulp and structured with plywood and metal profiles.

Tulumba by BISKT Studio

©BISKT Studio

Tulumba perfectly embodies our desire to bring together the worlds of industry and craftsmanship. The almost vegetal dialogue between these two columns allows us to include in each piece a unique personality.

Barva 2 Ceramic Vase by Pani Jurek

©Pani Jurek

Barva vases are made of ceramic and glazed by hand. The inside is coated beeswax and hold water.

The Ceramic Oven by UAU


The Oven side table – an offbeat sense of humour with a whimsical sensibility. Exploring eclectic themes, ranging from vivid colours to a simple shape to capture the way new possibilities can be created in ceramics by embracing and working intuitively.

Hang Me Up to Dry by Sisse Holst Pedersen

© Sisse Holst Pedersen

Hang me up to dry” is a hanging, ceramic piece. It has a silhouette ornament made with ceramic engobe, a figure with hands on both sides. It is meant to be installed hanging in chains, but is also able to stand on its own.

Maria Ceramic Vessel by Project 213A

© Project 213A

This vase is inspired by the Greco-Roman period, having a timeless appearance and finished with a contemporary textured matte or shiny glaze. The handmade process gives it a subtle and intimate uneven touch.

Pleated Ceramic Table Lamp by Joseph Algieri

© Joseph Algieri

The “Pleated Table Lamp” is made of hundreds of extruded clay pieces, fired to vitrification, and finished with automotive paint.

TRN Ceramic Lamp F2 by Pani Jurek

© Pani Jurek

The hand crafted process of glazing ceramics gives the collection a truly unique character. It is finished with brass elements.

Ceramic plate “Buon Apetito” by Muss Ceramics

© Muss Ceramics

Hand-made plate from the body collection with a diameter of 22 cm, hand painted. The clay used for this does not contain fireclay.

“petite bateau” lamp by studio jephrim

© studio jephrim

This unique piece is part of the île collection, a series of handmade sculptural light objects all featuring a tile surface either glass or ceramics.

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