Melo 3 – Handcrafted Sculptural Ceramic Lamp

by melo clay United Kingdom (UK)

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Melo 3, a ceramic lamp by the England-based designer, melo clay, cleverly combines soft minimalism and neo-industrial style. This cream-colored table lamp, inspired by wet clay’s natural response to gravity, is part of a limited collection of sculptural lighting fixtures. Melo 3’s versatile design makes it suitable for reading, working, and ambient lighting.

*This piece is handmade and slight variations in shape, colour and size can occur. This is the beauty of handmade, each item is truly unique. The photos are representative of the object, but the piece you receive might vary slightly.

The lamp is 110/130v – 220/230v compatible and it comes with standard E14 SES LED light bulbs and a standard plug type used in your country. If the light bulbs need replacing, only use LED bulbs.

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About melo clay Visit Showroom →

I make sculptural ceramic lamps and vessels that are inspired by the natural response of raw clay under the force of gravity. I bend, pull and stretch the material and I’m interested in capturing and retaining these shapes and the fluidity of the clay in a stone-like finished form. The dynamics of the folds and the bends make the form to appear natural and effortless (as if they were formed by elements). I start with simple shapes, cylinders and tubes rolled from slabs which I bend and hang over a suspended rod. While suspended I can then adjust and manipulate the form with a little help from gravity. I’m also inspired by the movement and distortions that occur in nature and the forms that are resulted from the elements. I find it fascinating to look at carved hills and wind-bent trees and to try and understand and visualize the process through which these structures were created. I’m also trying to incorporate the process of ‘making’ in my work, where the finished form gives a hint of how it was created and how I came to these shapes. Being trained as an architect, I’m drawn to bringing function to form. I like the fact that a lamp can be both a decorative element when the light is switched off and a functional item when it is on. The minimalist aesthetics and the functionality of my work make it easier for people to imagine them in their homes and as a designer it gives me satisfaction to see my lights well integrated in a space.
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