+97 Beautiful Sculptures To Design Your Home

Discover the transformative power of sculptures in home design. From the raw aesthetics of Brutalist to the timeless elegance of Art Deco and the relaxed vibes of Coastal design, we’ve curated a list of +97 Beautiful Sculptures you shouldn’t miss. Explore our range of unique, beautiful, and artistic sculptures available in various materials like Metal, Stone, and Ceramic. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your living room or enhance your garden, Adorno’s selection of sculptures and objects has something for every artistic soul.

Hang Me Up to Dry Ceramic Sculptures by Sisse Holst Pedersen

©  Sisse Holst Pedersen

Hang me up to dry” is a  Coastal hanging, ceramic piece. It can be hung by the chains, or stand alone on the shelf.

Candy Lady Art Deco Sculptures by Yoomoota


Candy Lady from the planet Wantland looks absolutely innocent. But, she is a very seductive and dominative creature.

Soft Goblet Pink Brutalist Sculptural Vessel by Panorammma Atelier

©Panorammma Atelier

Soft Goblet is making a direct reference to the ability of bodily organs to function as vessels.

Prickless Pear Sculptures by on ∙ entropy

©on ∙ entropy

Prickless Pear” is a sculpture in green marble, that belongs to OPUNTIA collection with motto “Please do touch!”.

White Flag (WK08) // Wasteland Sculptural Object by Annelie Grimwade Olofsson

©Annelie Grimwade Olofsson

The Wasteland Project by Annelie Grimwade Olofsson reimagines waste materials through creative exploration. Using repurposed ashes and kiln slag wedged into recycled clay, each piece transforms from clay to glass-like at its base. A white glaze, fired at 1260°C, completes the look, framed in green spray-painted, welded metal. The project aims to challenge material value and human consumption, presenting objects as tangible reflections of Anthropocene challenges.

BEHOLD:BECOME Coastal Sculptures No 25 by Signe Fensholt

©Signe Fensholt

Organic shapes from collected plant material sit on small pedestals. After an initial firing breaks the fragile imprints, they’re re-stacked. A second firing lets the glazes evolve, merging base and top into a unified tableau. The pristine white of the porcelain contrasts beautifully with the complex glaze textures.

Blue Laugh Sculptures by Yoomoota

Meet Blue Laugh from Emo Planet in the Yoomoota universe, the epitome of human joy. This charismatic figure is all blue with smiles all over. Not just charming, it has telepathic abilities to spread joy. Hug it, and you’ll find yourself smiling too.

“Meteorite” Brutalist sound system by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz 

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Experience unmatched sound with this 2400W concrete sound system. Its handcrafted, cave-like structure ensures top-notch resonance and performance. Equipped with a subwoofer and six sound cones, it offers hi-fi quality. Play it through Bluetooth or RCA cable. Each piece is sound-engineer calibrated to its unique form.

Balance in Depression – Tropical Depression Sculpture by Fi 

© Fi 

TROPICAL DEPRESSION by Fi – Sofía Alvarado delves into nature’s complexities and human consciousness. Inspired by tropical plants’ changing forms and colors, the exhibition explores themes of maturity and mental health. It suggests that art is a form of freedom, echoing nature’s elusive spirit.

Good Bye Life Metal Coastal Sculpture – Tropical Depression by Fi


TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi – Sofía Alvarado (Panama, 1984).

“Revolve” Objet – No. S4 (no. 01/05) by Flensted Mouritzen

"Revolve" – No. S4 (no. 01/05)
©Flensted Mouritzen

Inspired by historic stucco and moulding, this project uses a unique turning machine to transform lines into 3D forms. Each coastal piece starts as a line and gains shape through layered, pigmented stucco, resulting in objects that straddle function and sculpture.

“Olympia” Barbell Collection by Ulysse Martel & Candice Joyce Blanc

"Olympia" Barbell Objets  Collection
© Ulysse Martel & Candice Joyce Blanc

In pursuit of physical perfection, many seek the ideal body through exercise. Yet, advancements in genetics could soon make this obsolete. To explore this, we present Olympia—a collection of free weights, push-up bars, and a two-hand dumbbell crafted in lacquered steel. When not in use, these pieces serve as elegant home sculptures.

Cycle of Life Totem Objets – Tropical Depression by Fi


TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi – Sofía Alvarado (Panama, 1984).

Eloko Mitano Sculptures by Gilles Mayk Navangi

For the Contemporary Design Market, painter and illustrator Gilles Mayk Navangi has created a collection of papier-mâché objects.

“Rock and Roll” stone skateboard Sculptures by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Stone skateboard in slate. Collectors piece. Hand crafted.

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By incorporating one or more of these exquisite sculptures into your space, you not only add visual interest but also imbue your home with a sense of style that speaks volumes about your taste. From Metal to Stone and Ceramic, the range of materials used in these designs adds another layer of richness, making each piece a must-have. Visit our Sculptures & Objects section to find the sculpture that best resonates with your aesthetic and transforms your home into an artistic haven.

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