12 Modern Porcelain Designs For Your Home

In the realm of artistic craftsmanship, few materials possess the timeless allure and delicate elegance of porcelain. Renowned for its exquisite translucence, intricate detailing, and historical significance, porcelain has captivated civilizations for centuries. This article delves into the world of porcelain, exploring its rich history, meticulous production process, and enduring relevance in today’s artistic landscape. From its origins in ancient China to its contemporary manifestations, the art of porcelain continues to enchant and inspire within various design styles, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity.

“I Gusci”, Set of 3 Porcelain Bowls by BIANCODICHINA

"I Gusci", Set of 3 Bowls

Each minimalist piece is handmade using a slab building technique and the edges are delicately engraved with a small cutter.

Tornado – 0 0 0 1 – Ceramic Vase 3D Printed by Yiannis Vogdanis

The tornado collection is inspired by the dynamic interactions of the forces of nature, and the forms that they shape.

Hyphen Table Double by d’Armes


Derived from the ancient Greek ὑφ’ ἕν (huph’ hén), Hyphen designates the union of two opposites in one; the warm, soft and sensitive porcelain and cold, strong, and brilliant steel.

“Ott / Another Paradigmatic Ceramic” by Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon

©Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon

This handmade product’s Ott lacquer is a natural resin derived from trees, therefore, it can be irregular in shape, colour, and finishing.

Ignorance is Bliss Big Porcelain Cup by Agne Kucerenkaite

©Agne Kucerenkaite

Since the Industrial Revolution, ignorance and negligence have generated overloaded landfills in our throw-away culture. Metals are crucial to our world, and, unfortunately, a non-renewable resource. 

BEHOLD:BECOME No 2 (2/30) by Signe Fensholt

©Signe Fensholt

BEHOLD:BECOME are a limited edition of unique pieces. The ceramic sculptures are made in two sizes. At stake here is the interaction between the intended shape and the organic growth as two principles of design.

Ivory Billows I by Zeina-Bacardi Sakr

Ivory Billows I
© Zeina-Bacardi Sakr

Zeina-Bacardi Sakr’s series of porcelain vessels, Ivory Billows, are handmade and shaped to produce unique forms inspired by the intrinsically transforming nature of clouds and waves. 

Post Digital Porcelain Vase n.14 by Coudre Studio

© Coudre Studio

Coudre Studio merges digital knowledge with traditional processes. At the moment, they are 3D printing ceramics. The studio uses new machines, but there’s skill involved in controlling them, just like in using a pottery wheel instead of only your hands.

Revolver Deluxe Porcelain by Yiannis Ghikas

© Yiannis Ghikas

The “Revolver” vases are one of the projects Yiannis Ghikas developed during his creative residency in Arita, Japan in the summer of 2018. Two molds for two of the three sizes were made and a few pieces of each size were made in different finishes.

Porcelain Melted V.5 by John Nordenstein

© John Nordenstein

Melted V.5” is a sculptural vase floor vase in a pastel purple colour. I try and work with different materials to explore each material’s unique spectrum of qualities such as thickness, viscosities, glossiness, and transparency.”

Twiggy Vase by Volokhova Porcelain

© Volokhova Porcelain

Each figure is recognizable by her lower half, while the flowers that fill each vase represent her feminine torso and face. Rather than overt, consumable sex symbols, these forms highlight the natural beauty and strength of enigmatic women.

Porcelain Pine Cups (Set of Two) by Natalia Triantafylli 

©Natalia Triantafylli

This hybrid object is part of Natalia Triantafylli’s ongoing dialogue between physical and digital ways of making. The top portion of the cup is made out of slip-casted porcelain.

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