Ivory Billows I

by Zeina-Bacardi Sakr



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Estimated production time: 9 weeks

Dimension LxWxH (cm): 15x15x21
Unique Pieces Material : Glazes, Porcelain
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Zeina-Bacardi Sakr’s series of porcelain vessels, Ivory Billows, are handmade and shaped to produce unique forms inspired by the intrinsically transforming nature of clouds and waves. The aim of each design is to depict an almost frozen moment highlighting their ever-changing motion. These delicate porcelain pieces are handmade with high fire porcelain. Each vessel is then frosted with the billows, which are essential to translate the fluidity and movement of the wet ivory porcelain clay into it’s fired and final form. The delicate forms are almost translucent yet still sharp. The clay body is left unglazed to embrace the bare organic texture and ivory color of the porcelain, while the inside is finished off with a clear glaze to endure its functionality. The beauty lies in the fact that every single piece is unique by itself in its defects and its perfections.


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Weight 2,7 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 50 cm
Dimensions LxWxH (cm)

Weight (kg)



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About the designer

Based in Beirut, Zeina-Bacardi Sakr is a ceramic artist, designer and maker at heart. In 2015, she graduated from the American University of Beirut and  received the M&C Saatchi MENA award for highest academic achievement in Fine Arts and Art History. Bacardi mainly works with porcelain and stoneware, pushing the boundaries of the medium and experimentation is at the core of her practice. Through her work, Bacardi attempts to revive the art of tableware which has become mundane and mass produced. Each object’s aesthetic form and design meet its functionality, which is essential. Yet, what fuels her passion is the relation that imposes itself between the potter and the lump of clay being formed. Bacardi feels a motherly sense of attachment towards each and every piece she creates. \"I like to see a little piece of myself in each object I create, reflecting the intrinsic union between what I am and what I conceive.\"

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New Solid is a vision to feel and live with art. It is the first show of Casa Nueva, a livable gallery space and apartment hotel initiated by designers River Valadez and Sebastián Arroyo Hoebens, built on the idea that art can be inhabited. We invite visitors to participate in the dialogue among transdisciplinary works from the contemporary art and design scene. It concerns functional art designed and conceived by artists from two magnificent cities, Mexico City and New York, in a correlation founded in geometry, technology, and crafts. The artworks, bliss for the contemplative eye and a joy to use, will invite the beholder to examine the floating and multidimensional character of concepts such as mass, volume, or weight. The location, equipped as a functional living space, can be found in the historical center of Mexico City. The event will be part of the Design Week Mexico festivities in partnership with Adorno, acting as the international design and logistics platform, as well as Ángulo Cero, an Art Gallery with astonishing designs located in Mexico City, and with the support of Yunuen Sariego, promoter and curator of contemporary art based in Mexico City.