7 Illuminating Eclectic Lights to Brighten Your Space

The Eclectic movement, arising from a harmonious fusion of diverse artistic influences, continues to serve as an enduring source of inspiration for artists, architects, and designers on a global scale. By placing a strong emphasis on creative exploration and skillful juxtaposition of various styles, the Eclectic movement dares to challenge conventional boundaries. We invite you to peruse our meticulously curated collection for 2023, which showcases seven unique Eclectic light designs, where form and function seamlessly coexist in perfect harmony.



CURL” is a hand-built ceramic table lamp. The lamp has an on/off switch and a black and white 1,5m cord. 220V – 240V LED bulb 64x144mm, 120 lumens, 4W, E27 thread. Plug type E & F.

Golden Ratio Eclectic Light by Ivey Jane Holt

Golden Ratio Eclectic Light by Ivey Jane Holt
© Ivey Jane Holt

The Golden Ratio Light is designed to emit a warm, indirect glow. Womb-like and inviting. Dimmable. This pink and cream eclectic lamp is wired for US standards and designed for use with low-powered LED lightbulbs.

Reclaimed Wood Ecelctic Floor Lamp by Studio ORYX

This beautiful floor standing lamp consist of reclaimed wood and metal structure. It is perfect for any eclectic home.

Signatures Lumineuses by Melissa Mariller

© Melissa Mariller

This lamp by Melissa Mariller is part of a series of three lamps resulting from an interpretation of various environments around the car. Combining the checkerboard present in car races, and led strips from car tuning customs.

Kelp Lamp by SIUP Studio

Kelp Lamp by SIUP Studio
© SIUP Studio

Kelp Lamp is a hand-built ceramic lamp by SIUP Studio with on/off switch, 50W tungsten dimmable bulb, 1,5m cord.

Boa lamp by Culto Ponsoda

Eclectic movement
©Culto Ponsoda

The gold and violet Boa lamp symbolizes the beginnings, it is the one that carries the singing voice of my entire brand, the beginning of the beginnings, it is the first card of the tarot, the card of the fool.

Brown Bubble Eclectic Floor Lamp by Sema Topaloğlu

Brown Bubble Eclectic Floor Lamp by Sema Topaloğlu
© Sema Topaloğlu

This product is hand-crafted therefore each production is unique and might not be exactly the same as visual. Sema Topaloglu Studio is known for its original designs of interiors, sculptures, and furnitures.

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ADORNO curates Eclectic pieces that defy norms, ignite the dimagination, and blend art with design. Our collection showcases innovative, thought-provoking creations that push boundaries and redefine timeless elegance.

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