Brown Bubble Floor Lamp

by Sema Topaloğlu

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This product is hand-crafted therefore each production is unique and might not be exactly the same as visual.

Sema Topaloglu Studio is known for its original designs of interiors, sculptures, and furniture featuring Sema Topaloglu’s personal vocabulary of geometric patterns and shapes. The practice’s approach to design as a complete work of art is in parts art installation, design interior, and handcrafted environment.

The tactile and visual relations between materials, surface dynamics, pattern and geometry, simplicity, and handicraft are some of the themes that have been important in the Studio’s residential, retail, and leisure interiors.

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Sema Topaloğlu Studio is a interior design, design and architecture practice led by designer and architect Sema Topaloğlu that produces contemporary interiors, architecture and furniture in Istanbul, Turkey. Sema Topaloğlu Studio and workshop located in Balat in the historic peninsula of Istanbul are active in the city's synthesis of contemporary design and traditional handicraft. In the past 10 years the Studio has produced a number of important residential, retail, restaurant and office projects in Turkey and Europe for important clients gaining recognition in local and international media. Through the design vision of Sema Topaloğlu, the Sema Topaloğlu Studio practice is known today for dedication to materials, craftsmanship and a unique aesthetic vision.
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