10 Alluring Minimalist Tables with a Sophisticated Touch

Discover our carefully selected collection of 10 Minimalist tables that seamlessly blend form and function. These exquisite pieces embody the contemporary aesthetic of 2023, showcasing clean lines and understated elegance. Rooted in the revered minimalist design movement, these tables make a striking statement with their timeless appeal and harmonious proportions. Perfect for modern interiors, they epitomize the essence of simplicity and sophistication.

OLA Side Table by Studio Mohs

OLA Side Table by Studio Mohs
© Studio Mohs

A minimalist side table made entirely from natural diabase stone makes this piece like a modern sculpture. The Ola side table can be made from green diabase stone or different marbles if required.

Vent Table by Calen Knauf Studio

Vent Table by Calen Knauf Studio
© Calen Knauf Studio

“Vent” by Calen Knauf has a bold graphic quality that is created by a linear array of offset aluminum slats, slightly inset into its oversized cylindrical base.

Rails 550 by Gwendoline Porte

Rails 550 by Gwendoline Porte
© Gwendoline Porte

RAILS® is a unique concept that bridges the gap between functional design and art. Inspired by a railway track section, the functional sculptures are playful, graphic and ergonomic.

Side Book Table by Mantas Lesauskas

Side Book Table by Mantas Lesauskas
© Mantas Lesauskas

Mantas Lesauskas has created this hand-carved “Side Book Table”. He believes that a horizontal position for art books is more attractive and functional, leading to this specific form.

Garrison 134-140 | Patina | Side Table/Stool by STACKLAB


The original, award-winning Garrison was a sculptural iron casting intended for use as a stool or side table.

GEM Coffee Table by Opus Design Collective

© Opus Design Collective

“GEM” is a minimalist steel coffee table with soft lines that blends two shapes into one. Its design allows basic geometric shapes, such as the square and the arc, to fuse into a modern form suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Spatial Structures by Aap Piho

© Aap Piho

“Spatial Structures” is a birch wood table sculpture, which preserves the idea of fragmented space, inviting diverse interpretations for each viewer.

Ceramic Side Table N.1 by Ekin Kayis

Ceramic Side Table N.1
© Ekin Kayis

The Ceramic Side Table experimentes with the material and tactile qualities of ceramics, while exploring the technical possibilities of the material.

Domestic Architecture by Sanghyeok Lee

minimalist tables
© Sanghyeok Lee

“Domestic Architecture” is a marble table which blurs boundaries between architecture and the living room, inviting imaginative interpretations.

“Crooked Dining Table” by Nazara Lazaro

"Crooked Dining Table"
© Nazara Lazaro

The minimalist Crooked Dining Table is part of the Crooked Collection, an ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces. Every piece is made to order, using hand-glued timber from selected oak slabs, planed and finished with hard wax oil.

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