Ornament Cubic Stool/ Side Table

by Rümeysa Memiş Turkey


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The series is handmade therefore it is recommended to handle it with care. The wire mesh is hand embroidered with cotton thread.
Each variation may differ Dimension LxWxH (cm): 20x20x40
Open Editions Material : Cotton Thread, metal mesh
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The “Ornament” series, based on the interior decoration of Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion, examines the understanding of decoration in Ottoman mansions. Eastern decorations investigated by foreign architects in modern architectural movements of the 19th century are far beyond being a superficial addition. The decorations that come together with the function and meaning constitute one of the unique and strong aspects of Ottoman mansions.

This series, which emerged after a two-year research and trial period, features traditional furniture units such as a sergen, stool, and sini as a modern interpretation of design. Turkish wire embroidery, susma, and hasır techniques were used in the patterns on the furniture pieces, which were constructed together with their functions. The collection’s patterns aim to maintain Turkish cultural heritage by keeping up with today’s lifestyle.

The “Cubic” stool/side table is a new way to accompany your daily routine.

Products are custom-made and customized variations are also possible to order.
Handmade embroideries and metal craftsmanship are made by Turkish artisans.

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 45 cm
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About the designer

Rehrev design studio takes its name from Persian. The expression of the design studio which corresponds to passenger in Persian finds itself in the production process. Seeing the design process as a way; it aims to develop the products along the way and continue to produce while learning. Rehrev Studio’s products reinterpret the art of embroidery by feeding on Turkish art and craft culture by experimental approaches. Rümeysa Memiş, who is founder of Rehrev, designs and produces periodic projects by looking at product design through embroidery practice. Memiş graduated from Industrial Design and Art History departments. And this interdisciplinary approach shapes her designs for Rehrev. Traditional embroidery techniques are preferably used on different materials like industrial wire mesh. By doing so, it is expected to combine industrial design with craftsmanship methods and create new ways for sustainable heritage. It is also a way of helping to local craftsmen who face such difficulties to grow their businesses. With respect and love to all who is concerned with production of value in design.

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In the highlands of the Andes, a group of women alpaca herders and artisans are leading the way for a sustainable and inclusive future. In collaboration with ADORNO and IED, Las Manuelas is presenting their most ambitious textile collection yet, the "Art Series", designed by highly acclaimed international artists.