T SW Small Book Shelf
by Mantas Lesauskas Lithuania

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Mantas Lesauskas’ furniture reminds us that design is the love language of objects. The exhibition “Slipcover”, is deceptively firm, without immediate betrayal of its intentions. Brushed aluminium, limed oak, parachute pleats – a militaristic Gothic that seems to leave no room for tenderness. Yet the soul of these objects is subtle: they are the readers’ furniture on which the stories rest. Their stark structures and rich materials legitimise the experiences that separate life from survival. The discipline that binds them together comes not from the need to defend but from the desire to nurture, to have something to lean on in every chapter of life. When we surrender to these things, we become the softest parts of them. We can read the titles of books from all sides, strip the table in search of its legs, try to pull a duck out from under a shelf, and do other little things to which we do not typically attach much interpretation. We can fill the crevices of the armchairs with our own little perversions and stock up for the next winter of pain when there is nothing left to draw from. The soulfully shimmering curtain in the exhibition is like a thin line you only experience in free fall or when you watch a mystery end. These carefully honed and deliberated objects prepare to live on in various colours and with different surfaces, to speak to future strangers in a new love language of objects.
And we, the strangers of the present, can become ghosts in this false everyday life, engaging in dreamy games where we once had it all. We all shine wistfully; we all can erect monuments to domesticity. In the work of Mantas Lesauskas, we see the emptiness of our own pampered interiors, which we can fill with the smallest narratives, the most common experiences. We can seize reality by the fingers, clutching our innermost selves.

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Mantas Lesauskas (1984) lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. He graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where he now holds a position as an associate professor. He explores the essence of history without merely replicating or imitating it, avoiding pastiche and clichés. Instead, he delves into the archetypes and rituals associated with objects, seeking to unearth new and evocative visual languages and functions. Drawing inspiration from material culture heritage, Mantas embarks on a journey of uncovering the past to reimagine it through a contemporary lens. His artistic repertoire skillfully weaves together archaic idioms with futuristic expressions, resulting in a harmonious confluence of the ancient and the avant-garde. Mantas finds inspiration in traditional artisanal skills, expertly blending them with cutting-edge industrial manufacturing techniques in a responsible and innovative manner. For Mantas Lesauskas, the past serves as a springboard for the exploration of novel forms and the development of new ideas. With an unwavering commitment to his craft, he continuously pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, redefining the relationship between art, design, and the passage of time. His work captivates the imagination, inviting viewers to contemplate their place within the intricate fabric of history and memory.  
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