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Wooden lounge chairs stand as iconic pieces where the soothing embrace of nature meets the pinnacle of design. Drawing inspiration from the raw beauty of wood, these chairs serve as a canvas for various design aesthetics. Whether it is the stripped-back elegance of Minimalist designs, the earthy allure of Rustic Design, or the modest charm of Mid Century Modern, each lounge chair is a testament to artistry, comfort, and originality.

“Næss” Wooden Lounge Chair by Christian Udjus

“Næss” Wooden Lounge Chair by Christian Udjus
©Christian Udjus

This Boho Chic chair is treated with furniture wax. This provides a soft and natural shine and leaves a natural tactile surface. It both looks good and is good for the environment.

“Crooked Wooden Lounge Chairs” by Nazara Lazaro

Crooked minimalist wooden Lounge Chairs
©Nazara Lazaro

The Minimalist Crooked Lounge Chair is part of the Crooked Collection. An ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces. 

Icpalli Wooden lounge chairs by Kresta Studio

Icpalli is a chair that comes to life through the hands of skilled artisans. In Mexico, they hold a deep belief that artisans are the heart and soul of the culture.

Mistral Armchair by Studio Bazazo 

©Studio Bazazo 

Part of the “Mistral Collection” this armchair is hand made from supple boucle fabric and solid French Oak.

Frame Shaming Art Deco Lounge Chair by Sofie Wallenius

©Sofie Wallenius

This Art Deco chair is a part of a collection called “Frame Shaming.” It is an exploratory project about how furniture can represent our different personalities and appearances.

“Ruiseñor” chair by Oscar Hagerman

"Ruiseñor" chair
©Oscar Hagerman

The Mid Century Modern Ruiseñor chair was designed with special care in ergonomic aspects, so the design can be really comfortable.

Lyre Boho Chic Bamboo Chair by AKA architects

Lyre Boho Chic Bamboo Chair by AKA architects
©AKA architects

The Boho Chic Lyre Chair, handmade in bamboo, is a perfect balance of craftsmanship and design.

Toledo Coastal Lounge chair by Comité de Proyectos

Toledo Coastal Lounge chair by Comité de Proyectos
© Comité de Proyectos

This distinctive armchair adds boldness to your living room. Embrace the very comfortable soft, big-cushioned seat.

“Pancha” Lounge Chairs by Taller Nacional

“Pancha” Lounge Chairs by Taller Nacional
© Taller Nacional

Pancha Boho Chic Lounge Chair inspired by the role of basic geometries in Mexican design and architecture.

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Choosing a wooden lounge chair is more than just a decor decision. It is an invitation to experience nature’s inherent comfort, sculpted with human imagination and craft. From the ornate intricacies of Art Deco embodied into every wood grain, each lounge chair tells a tale of beauty, relaxation, and innovation.

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