Introducing Echo: An Ettore Sottsass-Inspired Jewelry Collection

Adorno is proud to present Echo, the newest collection from By Way Of. Inspired by the visionary Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass, Echo captures his spirit of playful rebellion and artistic expression. This collection imagines an extraordinary collaboration with Sottsass, blending his revolutionary ethos with the contemporary and refined lines of By Way Of. Architectural elements from Sottsass’s work are woven into the collection, creating a unique fusion of design, nostalgia, and fashion. Echo offers distinctive opportunities for self-expression through jewelry, following in the footsteps of a bold and unapologetic designer.

Collection Highlights

Sottsass Ring

This captivating ring pays homage to the sculptures conjured by Ettore Sottsass, celebrating the legacy of one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. It embodies the spirit of innovation and playful rebellion.

Marble Memories Necklace

Remember the simple delight of childhood play?
The Marble Memories Necklace is a nostalgic homage to those carefree days when a handful of marbles could spark endless imagination and joy. Crafted from the very glass marbles that were our first playful encounters, this statement piece is a reminder to embrace the playful spirit within us all.

Totem Earrings

These earrings are architectural statements for your ears, offering a unique and bold way to express your style.

Silver Tube Bracelet

An architectural and minimal bracelet that pairs seamlessly with the Gold Tube Bracelet for a mixed-metal look. This piece is perfect for those who appreciate subtle, sophisticated design.

Solar & Tube Ear Cuffs

A minimalist yet bold ear cuff that stands out on its own or can be paired with other pieces for a more dramatic look. The Tube ear cuff stacks seamlessly with Solar, offering versatility and style in one elegant piece.

By Way Of embraces the dynamic and fluid nature of design, a principle reflected in their name. The brand leverages a variety of mediums and materials to create enchanting experiences. Initially focusing on jewelry, By Way Of has expanded to larger, more striking pieces and decorative objects, mirroring their growth and ambition. Their creations infuse everyday life with whimsical, blending serious playfulness and elegant irreverence.

Every piece in the By Way Of collection is handcrafted in Istanbul’s historic jewelry district by generations of skilled artisans. The brand values honest craftsmanship and exceptional design, using sterling silver and various finishes to ensure each piece is both beautiful and durable.

By Way Of was founded by Oya Tekbulut, who followed her mother’s footsteps into jewelry design after completing her master’s degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute. Based in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, By Way Of combines ethical production with global design aesthetics. The brand offers elegant, timeless pieces with a playful touch. Recently, By Way Of has been selected for sale at the design shop of the newly opened Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, joining a curated selection of respected brands and designers.

Discover Echo and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of By Way Of, where design, nostalgia, and fashion converge in every meticulously crafted piece.

Discover the full collection from By Way Of

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