Slow with Szklo: Embracing the Slow Design Movement in Szkło Studio

Szklo, the Polish word for glass, pronounced /shkwo/, is a studio based in Poland that embraces the principles of slow design and production. Founded and led by siblings Aleksandra and Wojciech Zawistowski, Szklo aims to challenge the norms of traditional and mass production, prioritizing their belief in craftsmanship and attention to detail. The studio chooses to resist the conventional and embrace imperfection, resulting in breathtaking, one-of-a-kind glassware.

Szklo’s Animist Design

Central to Szklo’s ethos is a profound reverence for the art of glassblowing itself. Departing from the rigidity of traditional methods reliant on molds, Szklo embraces an organic, experimental approach, allowing each piece to evolve naturally. The outcome? Glassware imbued with a distinct energy and character, akin to the varied guests converging at a dinner party. Each piece is organically shaped, bearing its own unique form and texture, ensuring that no two are alike.

Indeed, owning a set of their Glassware is akin to inviting a cast of distinct characters to your table, each with its own story to tell. This notion of design imbued with a sense of vitality was thoroughly explored at ADORNO’s 2024 exhibition, “Animism,” hosted at Alcova during Milan Design Week. Within this showcase of innovative design, attendees admired Szklo’s glassware as a focal point, perfectly demonstrating the essence of animist design that ‘lives and breathes’.

Szklo at Alcova with Animism
Szklo glassware featured at Animism, Alcova 2024

Endearing Imperfection

With an air of regal opulence, Szklo’s glassware exudes luxury, particularly the wine and champagne glasses that are adorned with natural gemstones. The combination of silver, glass, and gemstones, molded by heat and melding, yields exquisite final forms distinguished by their refined elegance. Despite their delicate appearance, these pieces showcase a remarkable balance of fragility and resilience, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship invested in their making. The larger offerings, such as the trophy centerpiece vase, draw the eye with their substantial presence, yet maintain an inherent delicacy due to their glass construction

Embedded within the pieces from Szklo studio, are endearing traces of their creation process — remnants of sand, stones, and wood used in shaping, serving as a reminder of the natural elements from which they were born. Sculptures may bear the subtle imperfections of their genesis — air bubbles, sharp edges, and scorch marks — each flaw affirming the authenticity and raw beauty of the craft.

Commitment to Slow Design

The connection between slowing down and the art of glassblowing runs deep within Szklo’s essence. Just as glass undergoes a gradual transformation from solid to liquid and back again, the artisans at Szklo Studio approach their craft with a sense of reverence and patience. With each breath, the molten glass responds, yielding spontaneous creations, each imbued with its own unique form and character.

Szklo Glassware

Herein lies the enchantment of slow design: an invitation to pause, to savor the present moment with all its imperfections and possibilities. Every piece that comes from Szklo Studio serves as a reminder of the importance of savoring the moment, allowing creativity to unfold naturally, unrestricted by deadlines or expectations.

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