"Fuso" Vase

Blown Glass: See +10 Handmade Designs

Delve into the history and art of Blown Glass, where the artistry of glassblowing meets innovation in a fusion of styles. Ranging from the opulence of Art Deco to the functional simplicity of Bauhaus, with a touch of Coastal charm. Blown Glass differs from the other glass materials, such as cast or Murano glass, in that it is completely hand worked. Subsequently, this can be found in many modern design movements, for example, Brutalism, Maximalism, Minimalism, Radicalism, and Space Age. At every point, blown glass showcases the remarkable versatility of this ancient craft.

Théros 0.2 by Studio Aristotelis Barakos

The base is made of white Volakas marble from Drama, Greece, with its characteristic grey veins. Subsequently, the glass bulb of the lamp is hand blown by master artisans.

Joyful Blown Glassware – Series III by Irina Flore 

© Irina Flore

The Joyful glassware collection is handblown by exceptional craftspeople in Seattle, USA.

Lake Blown Glass by Tanja Pak

©Tanja Pak

A set of 6 glasses in a handmade black glass gift box.

Of Movement and Material – White by Philipp Weber

Of Movement and Material - White
©Philipp Weber

Each unique Coastal light contains its own story of this playful design. Subsequently, this story reflects the hand blown nature of the artisan.

Abstract Form Study in Black Blown Glass (Object 3) by George William Bell

©George William Bell

An artwork handblown by master artisans. Consequently, the resultant forms are the expression of a unique set of circumstances made permanent.

“Puru” Blown Glass Lamp Design by Erin Turkoglu

©Erin Turkoglu

The Boho ChicPuru” table Lamp produces a soft gradient light effect. Subsequently, a perfect mood setting for your living room.

Pink Balloon Floor Lamp Design by Sema Topaloğlu

©Sema Topaloğlu

Sema Topaloglu Studio: known for the original designs of interiors, sculptures, and furniture.

Blob Blown Glass Lamp by Lisa Hartwig Ericson

©Lisa Hartwig Ericson

Blob Lamp, a handmade Boho Chic table-lamp. Created in glazed ceramics with mouth-blown glass in different colour combinations.

“Fuso” Vase by Ries Studio

©Ries Studio

A vase compressed by gravity alone. Find yours now at Adorno.design

Genie Design by Studio Poa

Blown Glass
©Studio Poa

Genie: A Stunning Space Age Mouthblown Glass Vase by Studio Poa. In short: Out of this world!

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Blown Glass pieces that capture timeless elegance. Find cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality at every turn. We select each item for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era.

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