Reconnect With Nature: 10 Outdoor Furniture Designs to Enhance Your Summer

This summer, why contend with crowded beaches or busy hiking trails when you can create your own oasis right at home? Whether it’s lounging on a suburban patio, sipping a refreshing drink on an urban rooftop, or unwinding on a quaint balcony, the outdoors are accessible to all, and the possibilities are endless. Now is the perfect moment to embrace the inspiring array of outdoor furniture options and elevate your outdoor living experience.

In recent years, outdoor furniture has experienced a remarkable transformation, emphasizing innovative designs and personalized touches that allow for unique character in spaces often overlooked compared to indoor areas. And why shouldn’t outdoor spaces match the curation and thoughtfulness of indoor décor? After all, we dine al fresco, take afternoon naps, and create cherished memories outdoors just as much as we do within four walls. It’s time to enhance the outdoor living experience and make the most of these valuable spaces.

The 2020 Surge in Outdoor Furniture

The surge in outdoor furniture consumption reached unprecedented levels in 2020, fueled by the collective desire to socialize safely during the pandemic. The statistics reveal surprising trends that extend beyond conventional expectations. Retail giants like Home Depot and Lowe’s experienced remarkable spikes in sales, with Home Depot reporting a staggering 200% increase in sales of outdoor heating products, compared to the previous year. Additionally, above-ground pool sales soared as families sought affordable ways to entertain themselves at home, with some retailers witnessing sales spikes of 200% to 400%.

And amidst the unexpected, even garden gnomes found their moment in the spotlight. In the UK, a leading garden gnome manufacturer, Primrose, reported a remarkable 150% increase in sales of garden gnomes in 2020 compared to the previous year.

ADORNO’s Top 10 Picks for Outdoor Furniture

With summer in full swing, Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your outdoor space into a stylish sanctuary. Dive into the latest trends and top picks in outdoor furniture design now.

Pita Outdoors – Contemporary Teak Daybed by Peca Mobiliario

Pita Outdoors – Contemporary Teak Daybed by Peca Mobiliario
© Peca Mobiliario

Constructed from teak wood and featuring neutral Sunbrella fabric or off-white denim, the Pita daybed by Mexican design studio, Peca Mobiliario, takes design cues from mid-century modernism, creating a perfect retreat for lounging on a rooftop garden, terrace, or patio with coastal elements woven into its essence.

Mono Dining Table by Assimply Studio

The Mono Dining Table Grande by Brazilian studio, ASSIMPLY, takes part of the MONOMORFO collection. The terrazzo composition is made of leftover glass crystals from a glass crystal factory in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This leftover material contributes to the creation of unique and colorful patterns for each table produced.

Fos Chair Flor by Daniel Orozco Estudio

Fos Chair Flor
by Daniel Orozco Estudio
© Daniel Orozco Estudio

Crafted by Tulum-based designer, Daniel Orozco, with artisanal wood bending techniques, the Fos Chair Flor is a bamboo chair shaped like a flower. It features a natural finish and outdoor beige upholstery, making it an accent piece that carries a maximalist, boho chic character and seamlessly blends nature with comfort.

Ren – Cast Aluminum Coffee Table by Formsophy

Ren is a collector’s item crafted entirely as an aluminum casting by Polish studio, Formsophy. Its slender, irregular tabletop shape is supported by five sturdy, elliptical legs. The raw texture of the cast aluminum transitions smoothly into sleek, refined surface areas.
Embodying elements of primitivism, this low table also exudes a distinctly contemporary, brutalist feel. Amethyst, a powerful and harmonizing stone, adds a mystical aura to this unique piece.

Mirror Lounge Chair by Project 213A

Mirror Lounge Chair
by Project 213A
© Project 213A

The Mirror lounge chair by Portuguese studio, Project 213A, has a brutal and minimal shape. Its wooden structure is entirely covered by mirror glass. This will make it reflect as well as blend in with its surrounding space. It’s a true chameleon piece, effortlessly adapting to its environment while adding a touch of contemporary elegance.

Pala – Birch Wood and Slate Coffee Table by Guillaume Thireau

Pala – Birch Wood and Slate Coffee Table by Guillaume Thireau
© Guillaume Thireau

French designer, Guillaume Thireau’s Pala Coffee Table cleverly merges rustic elements with brutalist undertones. Crafted from birch trunks, the table features one end left exposed to accommodate a tray, imbuing it with a sense of purpose. Atop the table, the demarcation between raw and manufactured wood is showcased, serving as a visual representation of nature meeting design.

Ti01 – Wood Dining Table by TOGIGI

Ti01 – Wood Dining Table

The Ti01 Beech Wood Table captivates with its surreal shapes, gracefully dancing in harmony with the natural grain and smooth transitions of its three unified elements. Crafted from rustic beech wood, this table by Belgian designer TOGIGI embodies the essence of nature, honoring the surroundings from which it originates. It transcends the boundaries of conventional furniture, becoming a captivating centerpiece that demands attention and ignites conversation.

Grand Ribaud with Footrest by 13 Desserts

Grand Ribaud with Footrest
by 13 Desserts
© 13 Desserts

Grand Ribaud armchair by French design studio, 13 Desserts, is designed for “idleness” in extreme conditions. Utilizing techniques reminiscent of nautical craftsmanship, its welded, bent, and epoxy-lacquered steel tube structure ensures durability even in the harshest conditions. Its nylon mesh seat, akin to a catamaran trampoline, offers both comfort and resilience. With an eclectic energy, the Grand Ribaud easily complements a variety of spaces, whether poolside or on the patio.

Tronco Bench – Stainless Steel Bench by Nitush and Aroosh

Tronco Bench – Stainless Steel Bench
by Nitush and Aroosh
© Nitush and Aroosh

The Tronco Bench by Nitush and Aroosh combines innovation and artistry in furniture design. Inspired by traditional wooden logs, this bench becomes a statement piece in any setting. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, it reimagines the rustic charm of natural wood with a contemporary twist. Through hydroforming and hand techniques, each bench undergoes a transformative process, resulting in a unique sculptural texture. Its reflective surface interacts beautifully with its surroundings, producing mesmerizing reflections.

Element – Bronze Coffee Table V by Vincent Mazenauer

The Element Coffee Table V, a part of the Element collection by Swiss designer, Vincent Mazenauer, embodies a synthesis of brutalist and neo industrial design lines. Crafted with bronze finishes, this console juxtaposes special materials with a distinctive history, seamlessly blending antique with modern and contemporary. The design achieves a harmonious balance, marrying round contemporary shapes with the enduring presence of antique materials, symbolizing the delicate equilibrium between past and future in the world.

The increase in outdoor furniture consumption mirrors our deepening fondness for outdoor living and the significance of creating inviting and visually appealing outdoor spaces, just as do for our interiors. As we further integrate the outdoors into our living spaces, the potential for outdoor furniture design knows no bounds, offering to enhance our outdoor experiences and bring lasting enrichment to our lives.

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