12 Powerful Brutalist Tables Challenging Tradition

Known for its raw and robust aesthetic, Brutalism challenged traditional design norms. In the realm of lighting design, the Brutalist movement left an indelible mark, creating distinctive and bold pieces that fuse form and function. Explore our curated collection of 11 exceptional Brutalist tables that epitomize the spirit of 2023 by blending raw power and contemporary innovations.

Element – Bronze Coffee Table V by Vincent Mazenauer

Element – Bronze Coffee Table V by Vincent Mazenauer
© Vincent Mazenauer

The Element Coffee Table V, a part of the Element collection by Swiss designer, Vincent Mazenauer, embodies a synthesis of brutalist and neo industrial design lines. Crafted with bronze finishes, this console juxtaposes special materials with a distinctive history, seamlessly blending antique with modern and contemporary.

CPU Low Coffee Table by Thomas Gayet

CPU Low Coffee Table by Thomas Gayet
© Thomas Gayet

The CPU Low Coffee Table is part of the “ALUCUTS” furniture series, showcasing simple yet sturdy bolted assemblies of 12mm squared cuts of aluminium plates.

Classico Scomposto – Low by TIPSTUDIO

Classico Scomposto – Low by TIPSTUDIO

Classico Scomposto deconstructs the conceptual and concrete idea of stability of the travertine. The project investigates a different and unusual perception, far from the collective consciousness.

EM101 Walnut Hand Carved Coffee Table by Eero Moss

EM101 Walnut Hand Carved Coffee Table by Eero Moss
© Eero Moss

This Brutalist, hand carved and textured with iron oxide table is full of rich, warm tones and intricate carvings, exuding elegance and sophistication.

F15 E Side Table by Mantas Lesauskas

F15 E Side Table by Mantas Lesauskas
© Mantas Lesauskas

Mantas Lesauskas’ furniture reminds us that design is the love language of objects. The exhibition “Slipcover”, is deceptively firm, without immediate betrayal of its intentions.

Nashii – Sculptural Dining Table by CMX | Carpintería México

Nashii – Sculptural Dining Table by CMX | Carpintería México
© CMX | Carpintería México

Introducing this stunning sculptural dining table, meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with any interior. This exceptional Brutalist piece exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship and balanced proportions.

Amazonas Table Low by AYRES


A cultural homage to the Amazonians’ belief in gods and the afterlife. Connects warriors to the divine. Symbolic and captivating.

Materico – Absolute Black Granite by DFdesignLab

© DFdesignLab

The Materico Table by Nicola Di Froscia is a unique architectural assemblage that combines the contrasting forms of a bold geometric base with the natural detail of its raw-edge top.

Primario Table by Studio H.Fernandez

© Studio H.Fernandez

The Primario Table is a polished Brutalist steel table with raw volcanic stone legs. .

Hidden Form by Oliver Kanniste

© Oliver Kanniste

“Hidden Form” is an insight into the designer’s mind: how he sees his surroundings as a possibility.

“Judd, Again” Table by IT-MET 

©  IT-MET 

The “Judd, Again” Table features an aluminium structure and cylindrical section legs with aluminium plates, finished with polyurethane black paint.

ECC Table System by STACKLAB


STACKLAB’s innovative Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) Table System is designed in collaboration with Toronto-based materials engineer and artisan Alla Linetsky.

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Brutalist design celebrates raw materials and the beauty of simplicity. At ADORNO, we curate functional art pieces that embody this aesthetic. Our collection features furniture, lighting, and accessories designed with an emphasis on clean lines and industrial materials.

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