14 Coastal Decor For Your Summer Beach Home

In the realm of interior design, the coastal aesthetic has gained widespread popularity for its soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Inspired by the coastal regions and the beauty of the ocean, this design style aims to bring a sense of tranquillity and a touch of nature into our living spaces. Discover our 14 coastal Decor Items that embody the allure of beachside retreats. These refined pieces effortlessly blend style and functionality, creating a coastal ambience in any space. Embrace the timeless charm of coastal aesthetics in 2023 and beyond.

Coastal “Lecce” Handcrafted Rug by Sergio Mannino

Coastal “Lecce” Handcrafted Rug by Sergio Mannino
© Sergio Mannino

The patterns are drawn by hand by Sergio himself, rather than using an image, giving the rug a more intimate and personal touch. The rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal using natural wool from the Himalayan area and natural dyes. These carpets are 100% recyclable.

Stillness 2020_03 by on ∙ entropy

Stillness 2020_03 by on ∙ entropy
© on ∙ entropy

Stillness is the only thing in this world that has no form. But then, it is not really a thing, and it is not of this world.” Find your stillness through design.

Mini Sailor by Project 213A

This Mini Sailor vase is finished with a contemporary textured glaze. The handmade process gives it a subtle and intimate, uneven touch, like sand on a beach beneath your toes.

Organic Coastal Vase by Muss Ceramics

Organic Coastal Vase by Muss Ceramics
© Muss Ceramics

A Ivory coloured glaze vase with a beautiful organic shape that looks different from every angle.

Python Vase by Drag And Drop

Python Vase by Drag And Drop
© Drag And Drop

The skin decoration, which acts as a natural camouflage for pythons, served as inspiration for this project, and is an ode to the beauty of natural patterns.

SUN MIRROR – Coastal Wall Hanging Home Guardian by Ruda Studio

©Ruda Studio

Inspired by nature, naïve and folk art, we created a wall mirror SUN (SOL) – A powerful amulet for your coastal home.

Banana Pendant – Tropical Depression by Fi

© Fi

TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi – Sofía Alvarado (Panama, 1984).

“Intersección” Woven Sculptural Piece by Joel Escalona

“Intersección” Woven Sculptural Piece by Joel Escalona
© Joel Escalona

The “Intersección” woven sculptural piece, designed by Joel Escalona, is crafted from knit palm material.

“Iris” Wall Tapestry by Luiza Caldari

©Luiza Caldari

Inspired by the SUN, neutral and natural tones. “IRIS” melts in wool and warm the eyes of the beholder. Woven by the artist entirely by hand, it has organic shapes and different finishes and volume heights.

“Nido” Coastal Plant Pot by Tributo

"Nido" Plant Pot
© Tributo

A set of plant pots carefully hand weaved with chuspata natural fiber. Picture this next to you on the beach chair watching the waves in the distance…

Barhi by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

© IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Natural weaved Khose with beige and brown camel leather (Safeefah) with interior and exterior feather effect.

Hazy Horizon Blue by Anne Nowak

© Anne Nowak

Hazy Horizon works made by Anne Nowak .The Hazy Horizon is a family of 3 transparent works, Hazy Horizon Red, Blue, and Purple. The works are made on aluminium silk screen frames, spray painted with acrylic paint.

Stoneware Vessel “P-020” by Moïo Studio

© Moïo Studio

This unique piece is part of the Modern Ancestors collection, a series of handmade sculptural vessels all featuring an ultramarine blue lava glaze, which, surprisingly, reveals small spots of gold where the glaze breaks to reveal the clay body underneath.

Good Bye Life – Tropical Depression by Fi

© Fi

TROPICAL DEPRESSION is a solo show by Fi – Sofía Alvarado (Panama, 1984). In a pure state of consciousness, life is simple.

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At ADORNO, we curate a collection of Coastal pieces that capture timeless elegance, cultural significance, craftsmanship excellence, and exceptional material quality. Each item is chosen for its iconic design and its ability to transcend the era, pushing the boundaries of what is considered classic.

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