9 Radical Decorations for Bold Interiors

The Radical movement, a beacon of inspiration in contemporary design, captivates artists, architects, and designers worldwide. Embracing bold concepts and pushing conventional boundaries, Radical design redefines the possibilities of form and function. Discover our handpicked collection of 9 Radical Decor Items each an embodiment of audacious style and unparalleled comfort.

The Nature Face Radical Tapestry by Sandra Keja Planken

The Nature Face tapestry of Keja-Planken embraces your brain. An art creation that relaxes through shape, texture and colours. The imagination, pile height and strokes of wool incorporated in colours, various materials, treatments, textures and techniques literally make you part of the work.

Pierced Radical Vase by SIUP Studio

Pierced Vase is a hand-built vase with colourful rings from modelling clay by SIUP Studio.

My Moon 2 by studio YOLK 

My Moon 2 by studio YOLK 
© studio YOLK

Each month, the lunar cycle goes from a full moon to a new moon, moving in various positions and dictating women’s moods, desires, dreams and even our reproductive tendencies some scientists believe.

The RAT / Radical Object by Volokhova Porcelain

The RAT / Radical Object by Volokhova Porcelain
© Volokhova Porcelain

The Rat is both a Vase and an Object for your interior. The decoration pattern is hand painted with platinum or gold. Every piece is unique and handmade in Germany. The decoration pattern can be variable depending on your request.

Radical Melted V.17 by John Nordenstein

Radical Melted V.17 by John Nordenstein
© John Nordenstein

Melted V.17” is a sculptural vase in blue colour. I try and work with different materials to explore each material’s unique spectrum of qualities such as thickness, viscosities, glossiness, and transparency.

Dome Radical Mirror by thehighkey


The Dome Mirror is a parabolic mirror that reveals the space around the viewer. This object encourages you to take in new perspectives of sites that you might consider familiar.

S.S Series, Sound System 03 by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz 

© Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

S.S 3 (Sound System 3), also known as ‘La Niña’, is the third iteration of the ‘Sound System’ series by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz.

“RENAISSANCE” Radical Triumph by Leo De Carlo

© Leo De Carlo

RENAISSANCE” Triumph is part of “The Post War” Collection, handmade engraved crystal goblet: with 24car gold-leaf coated brass figures.

Dearth – Crane by Gilles Mayk Navangi and Antimaterie

© Gilles Mayk Navangi and Antimaterie

For this collaboration, Pieter and Mayk dug deep into their interests, motivations, and worldviews in order to come up with a project representative of their respective identities. From there on, the idea was born of making objects that honor the fauna and flora. The results are ceramic vessels symbolizing endangered animals

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