11 Radical Lighting Concepts that Challenge the Status Quo

The Radical movement serves as an inspiring beacon in the realm of contemporary design, captivating artists, architects, and designers on a global scale. By embracing audacious concepts and challenging conventional boundaries, Radical design fundamentally reshapes the potential of both form and function. We invite you to explore our meticulously curated collection of 11 Radical lights for 2023, each embodying a daring sense of style and an unparalleled level of comfort.

Giraffa Radical Light by Jonathan Bocca

The Giraffa Lamp – a radical design masterpiece that reshapes the person-object relationship, drawing inspiration from the perspective of majestic giraffes. Embrace boldness with this blood-red lamp that fearlessly meets the eye, making it a captivating centerpiece for any design-forward space.

Lattice – Skyscraper Radical Floor Lamps by Studio Yellowdot

Lattice – Skyscraper Radical Floor Lamps by Studio Yellowdot
© Studio Yellowdot

Inspired by the futuristic backdrop of skyscrapers & neon billboards of Hong Kong, the ‘Lattice+’ floor lamps are sculptural floor lamps created using a 3D latticing technique unique to additive manufacturing technology.

TALAR Radical Suspension Tower by SCATTER ◆ D

TALAR Radical Suspension Tower by SCATTER ◆ D

SCATTERED DISC OBJECTS (SDOBJS) and WAVE MURANO GLASS present TALAR, a series of lighting pieces in glass and metal, which redefines the artisanal tradition of glassblowing and the contemporary technique, inspired by Venice’s cultural contaminations: Talar is a journey to the East.



ÄTHER” addresses the ideas of the object, of collecting, storing and preserving, as inspired by the cabinets of curiosities of the Italian Renaissance. Placed inside a specimen bell jar, the fluorescent light arrangement is guided by the aesthetics of preservation spaces, such as laboratories.

Carpet Matter Lamp #1 by Riccardo Cenedella

Carpet Matter Lamp #1 by Riccardo Cenedella
© Riccardo Cenedella

The lamp is part of the Carpet Matter collection, realised using carpet waste and off-cuts collected from events and temporary sets. Because carpet is a composite product that was never designed for disassembly, there is only a small amount of carpet waste that is being fully recycled in a closed-loop system.

The Ancestors – Thulani – The Quiet One by UAU

The Ancestors – Thulani – The Quiet One by UAU

The Ancestors – A limited edition light collection, each embodying a unique “goddess” look-alike sculpture meant to be viewed from every single angle.

I+UU Floor Lamp by Kiki Goti

I+UU Floor Lamp by Kiki Goti
© Kiki Goti

I+UU Floor Lamp” celebrates colors and stripes in an effort to explore the idea of visually tangible unique objects. Soft, organic forms and bright colors bring artificial nature into domestic spaces.

hej søde floor lamp 01 by Casper Johs

hej søde floor lamp 01 by Casper Johs
© Casper Johs

“Hej Søde Floor Lamp 01” by Casper Johs Eddike: Concrete, Metal, Recycled Plastic, Rubber Granules, Styrofoam. Unconventional and fashionable.

Secondary Splash Light by Diego Faivre 

© Diego Faivre

Secondary Splash Light” is a table lamp that is part of the “Dazzling Lights” and “Storage Solutions”. It is the translation of a 2D drawing from Hugo Béhérégaray into a 3D cardboard shape that is later transformed into a lamp. Once the shape is complete.

Table/Lamp T-010 by Nicolas Erauw

© Nicolas Erauw

“Table/Lamp T-010” is part of the ongoing series, “Wax on – Wax off”. The wax dipping is done with a self-made machine called TONK. When combining TONK with the lost wax casting technique, a unique piece is produced every single time

Floor Lamp Baile, Medium by Cultivado em Casa

Radical movement
© Cultivado em Casa

The “Baile” collection investigates traditional festive costumes to create an unprecedented collection of lamps that exalt joy and the encounter through the colors and shine of their bodies.

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