15 Radical Seating Designs for Bold Interiors

The Radical movement, a beacon of inspiration in contemporary design, captivates artists, architects, and designers worldwide. Embracing bold concepts and pushing conventional boundaries, Radical design redefines the possibilities of form and function. Discover our handpicked collection of 15 Radical seats, each an embodiment of audacious style and unparalleled comfort.

Sandbagged Variation 03 by thehighkey

Sandbagged Variation 03 by thehighkey
© thehighkey

“Sandbagged” is a collection of beanbag seats inspired by the natural stacked quality of sandbags. By recontextualizing this product of industry, its affective qualities are revealed

Taurus by Jonathan Bocca

Radical movement,
© Jonathan Bocca

The concept behind this chair was born from the feeling of being “strong” and expressing that moment of restlessness when you are in front of something bigger than yourself.

Blondie Chair by Maria Zakioso

Blondie Chair by Maria Zakioso
©  Maria Zakioso

Blondie chair is a limited edition functional art object made by the artist in her London studio. The latest furniture series are reflecting on the experience the artist had coming out of a depressive episode and the transformations of her appearance she had to undergo in order to accept herself and her psychological state.

EP01, The Eindhoven Project by Lauren Goodman

EP01, The Eindhoven Project by Lauren Goodman
© Lauren Goodman

EP01 is the first piece in the collection designed from a discarded HVAC grate and an old closet organizer salvaged from a recycling centre in Eindhoven.

Folded Chair by Kasper Kyster Iversen

Folded Chair by Kasper Kyster Iversen
© Kasper Kyster Iversen

The Folded Chair is part of the designer’s Master Collection. The Master Collection is the outcome of an intuition-based method to create new ideas.

“Jaspe” Stool by AuchKatzStudio

© AuchKatzStudio

Jaspe is functional art and a sculptural design inspired by minerals.

56 Petecas Chair by Cultivado em Casa

© Cultivado em Casa

The history of Peteca (shuttlecock) is genuinely Brazilian. Name given to both sport and artefact, peteca has an indigenous origin.

Capet Matter Chair #1 by Riccardo Cenedella

© Riccardo Cenedella

The chair is part of the Carpet Matter collection, realised using carpet waste and off-cuts collected from events and temporary sets.

Molecule Chair by Nejc Prah

© Nejc Prah

The Radical “Molecule Chair” is made of 36 hand-turned wooden spheres with a hidden steel structure that serves as the base and holds all of the spheres together.

HULA by Kevin Hviid Studio

© Kevin Hviid Studio

HULA is a playful reference to the hula hoop ring. Inscribed within a circle and square, the construction of HULA is inspired by the iconic Vitruvian Man drawing.

“Envisioned Comfort” Chair by Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

© Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas

“Envisioned Comfort” is a series of objects based on construction that allows a broad variety of shapes. The more elements you have, the more detailed curves you can get.

“Respect Cheap Furniture” Monobloc Plastic Chair by Martí Guixé 

© Martí Guixé

Monobloc plastic chair from Turkey, acrylic painting, inscribed with a marker: RESPECT CHEAP FURNITURE.

Amadeus family- Amadeus Chair by Wang Yichu

© Wang Yichu

Made of aluminium ventilation tubes, the Amadeus Chair is a Radical, handcrafted piece of art furniture.

Dumb Chair by Jumbo

© Jumbo

The “Dumb Chair” is a foam seat that explores the concept of naivety, championing the unsophisticated, the irreducible and the uncool, the playful and cute, the stupid and the saccharine.

Three Little Lamps Bench by Nicholas Devlin

© Nicholas Devlin

A bench with three lamps attached and a foam cushion. The “Three Little Lamps” Bench is made with US standards and should only be used with LED bulbs.

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