ANIMISM: Encouraging a Future with Material Choices guided by Connection rather than Consumption

Adorno is set to make a significant impact at Alcova Milano 2024 with the thought-provoking exhibition, “Animism”. Taking place from April 15 to April 21, 2024, in the historical Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, this showcase brings a new depth to contemporary design by inviting viewers to experience the spiritual essence of design objects.

The concept of “Animism” centers on the belief that not only living beings but also objects and spaces hold a spiritual essence. It’s a viewpoint that opens up a world where design transcends its physical form, suggesting that everything from a gracefully curved chair to the vibrant patterns of a textile carries a unique spirit and story. This innovative approach urges visitors to look beyond the surface, to recognize and appreciate the life stories and emotional resonance embedded in each piece.

Villa Bagatti Valsecchi © P. Sorgetti

At the core of the exhibition is an imaginatively arranged display that mirrors a grand banquet. Here, eight chairs are seated around the EM204 table by Eero Moss as if they were guests at a dinner, each traveled from far away, with its own rich backstory and personality. The walls will host a strong collection of timeless works such as the Reminiscence Aluminum Mirror from Andredottir & Bobek and the multidimensional tapestries by Lucas Gutierrez. The table will be set with crafted cutlery from Sebastião Lobo & Worn Studio, not to forget the “Dig In” hand tools from Lilli Malou Weinhold who recently had her breakthrough at Collectible Fair. This exquisite metalwork is accompanied by organically hand-blown glassware from Szklo Studio. This arrangement is a vivid illustration of the exhibition’s premise, portraying design elements as participants in a lively exchange that spans beyond their material existence to encompass shared histories, cultures, and dialogues.

“Animism” invites viewers to reconsider their interaction with the world of design. It advocates for a perspective shift towards seeing objects not as inanimate items but as entities with whom we share a relationship, marked by mutual respect and understanding. This shift is not only philosophical but practical, encouraging more sustainable and empathetic approaches to the material world.

Martin Clausen © Zenith Richards

By forming a deeper bond with the objects that inhabit our lives, we foster a sense of stewardship and care, paving the way for a future where our material choices are guided by connection rather than consumption.

– Martin Clausen
Co-founder & Creative Director

The exhibition features an impressive lineup of designers and studios from various backgrounds, from established names such as Isabel Moncada, Studio S II, Nicolas Erauw, and Jacob Egeberg, to emerging talents like Olle Sahlqvist and Federica Paglia. Each contributor brings their unique vision to the table, collectively enriching the narrative of “Animism” with a diverse array of styles and expressions. These works, though varied in form and function, all share a common thread—their ability to evoke a sense of companionship and narrative depth, challenging the viewer to see them as living entities with their own stories and spirits.

Hosted in the evocative setting of Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, “Animism” is set to offer an exceptional visual experience and a spiritual journey into the heart of design. It prompts us to rethink our relationship with the objects around us, inviting us to see them as partners in our daily lives rather than utility or background elements. This exhibition is a call to recognize the unseen connections that tie us to materials, highlighting the importance of empathy, sustainability, and spiritual engagement in shaping the future of design.

As Adorno presents “Animism” at Alcova 2024, it suggests a new way of engaging with design, one that emphasizes the spiritual bonds between humans and the designed world. This showcase is a crucial step towards a design philosophy that values material objects not just for their aesthetic and functional qualities but for the deeper connections they offer, fostering a more thoughtful, sustainable, and interconnected approach to contemporary design. Please browse the press kit for more information.

Meet the Animism Collection

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