+14 Timeless Wood Decor To Make A Statement

The organic allure of Wood has always been a classic choice in interior design. Its versatility allows it to be seamlessly integrated into various aesthetics. Whether you are embracing the simplicity of Minimalist designs, the retro-futuristic vibes of Space Age, or the free-spirited charm of Boho Chic, wooden Decor is an ideal choice to elevate your living room space.

Flying Wheels by Dace Sūna

Flying Wheels questions the turn and spin of our lives, what is under our control, and what is up to kismet. Historically the first wheel was made of wood.

Ground Wood Decor Vase by Ragna Ragnarsdottir

The Ground Vase series is designed and produced with a process created by the designer. Each vase is unique and handcrafted by the designer.

Jazz Fan by Szostak Atelier

Massive retro yet futuristic fans are the most recognisable of Szostak Atelier’s pieces.

Wood Decor: Artefact number 109 by Benjamin Foucaud

Wood Decor: Artefact number 109 by Benjamin Foucaud
©Benjamin Foucaud

Made of various woods, using only sustainable and traditional techniques, they are unique pieces.

Boho Chic Wood Wall Carving 01 by thehighkey

Boho Chic Carving 01 by thehighkey

thehighkey released Carving 01 at ICFF Manhattan as part of the RELIEF collection. Historically, artists carved reliefs from natural materials

La Celebración Natural Wood Mirror by Joyful Objects, Yes!

Rustic design concept - La Celebración Natural Wood Mirror by Joyful Objects, Yes!
©Joyful Objects, Yes!

La Celebración” is a statement rustic piece inspired by unusual sensual kinetic forms.

Randomly Composed Collage Tile: Hardwood Wall Decor by Peter Glassford

Randomly Composed Collage Tile: Hardwood Wall Decor by Peter Glassford
©Peter Glassford

The collage tiles are composed randomly from recycled wood remnants. The works convey an energized tranquility, a chaotic Brutalism from accidental beginnings.

Nawra Wooden Elongated Vase by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

Nawra Wooden Elongated Vase by IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council
©IRTHI Contemporary Crafts Council

By weaving the worlds of Talli and Marquetry together, Irthi and Nada Debs launch a collection that represents a contemporary interpretation of the vases and vessels carried by Bedouin tribes

“KUKKII” floor sculpture by Antrei Hartikainen

Minimalist design concept.
©Antrei Hartikainen

The KUKKII (“Blossom”) floor sculpture composes of slender-stemmed wooden flowers, which variously grouped, capture the moment of calm and freedom.

Dome Space Age Wooden Mirror by thehighkey

Dome Space Age Wooden Mirror by thehighkey

The Dome Mirror, a parabolic mirror, reveals the space around the viewer. This Space Age object lets you see new perspectives of familiar sites. Ultimately, its routed wood frame creates the impression of water ripples.

S.S Series, Wood Sound System 01 by Lucas Muñoz Muñoz

Sound System 1 is a piece that forms part of the collection SS by Lucas Muñoz. The reclaimed plywood originates from the 2018 Logroño Concéntrico Festival installation, Subterránea.

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With its timeless allure and captivating presence, decor stands out as a top choice for those wanting to add unique, beautiful, and artistic elements to their spaces. Whether artists craft it into intricate designs or display it in its pure form, the originality of decor pieces consistently impresses, showcasing artistry and creativity in your home.

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