Randomly Composed Collage Tile: Hardwood

by Peter Glassford United States (US)

55 - 220 incl. tax
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The collage tiles are composed randomly from recycled wood remnants and when installed bathe any space with a warm feeling and texture which is meditative, sanded to a soft finish, and protected with lacquer and wax. The works convey an energized tranquility, a chaotic Brutalism from accidental beginnings.

PRICED BY THE SQUARE FOOT, these hardwood panels function both as decorative art and acoustic baffles in large spaces. No two panels are alike, each is a random collage and they can be hung in any order. The arrangement of tiles is entirely up to the client, becoming part of this process, selecting and arranging the tiles however they wish.

The collage tiles are sold in modular sizes and are priced by square feet.
They can be ordered in 1×1, 1×2, and 2×2 foot sizes, the pricing is based on 1, 2, and 4 units respectively.

Available in Rosa Moroda Wood in 7 finishes: Soft Grey, Matte Black, Matte White, Satin Black, Charcoal, White Wash, Antique Gold, or Natural Parota Wood.

The collages are mounted on 1/2″ MDF board, trimmed square, and given a furniture finish with matte lacquer and wax.

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Rooted in the realm of visual arts, Peter Glassford has charted a distinguished path in design, drawing inspiration from the vibrant aesthetics and rich traditions of Mexico. As a craftsman hailing from the Tex-Mex border, he has immersed himself in the heart of Mexico, predominantly carving his niche as a furniture designer. It's the country's iconic crafts and materials that breathe life into his creations, serving as the unwavering compass for his artistic pursuits. In 2016, Peter's vision found a kindred spirit in his wife, Isabel Moncada, a luminary in lighting design. Together, they laid the cornerstone for Glassford Moncada—a design powerhouse based in the cultural epicenter of Guadalajara. The city, with its age-old craft traditions intrinsic to Jalisco, became the bedrock of their collaborative journey. Glassford Moncada is more than just a design firm; it's a fusion of art, innovation, and technology, where the genius of local artisans finds a contemporary echo.
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