The Pioneering Artistry of Pani Jurek: Launching the Radiant BARVA Vases Collection

In the world of contemporary design, few names resonate as profoundly these days as Magda Jurek, the founder of Pani Jurek. For the past decade her innovative vision and masterful craft have continually disrupted and enriched the intersection of fine arts, crafts, and design. The recent unveiling of the vibrant BARVA vases collection presents yet another milestone in her illustrious career, solidifying her as a defining creative force.

Barva Collection by Pani Jurek
Set Designer Natalia Mleczak © Ernest Winczyk

The BARVA collection by Pani Jurek eloquently reflects Magda’s trademark style, meticulously fusing artistry with utility. The line embodies a vibrant dance of color spots, wavy lines, contrasts, textures, and subtle tonal transitions. Magda has leveraged the language of painting, with each vase taking on the form of a canvas, representing abstract compositions of radiant, eye-catching aesthetics.

Barva Collection by Pani Jurek
Set Designer Natalia Mleczak © Ernest Winczyk

The collection comprises four flat shapes, capable of various configurations, encouraging an interplay between geometric forms of objects and the organic world of plants. Intriguingly, the vases offer surprising color development and non-obvious tonal transitions, enabled by the manual processes of glazing and engobing. This playful exploration of colors manifests into the collection’s name – BARVA, which implies a symbiosis of objective physical properties and subjective feelings, truly an art object for the senses.

“The BARVA collection combines several threads of inspiration, memories, and lasting fascinations, merging with everyday observations,” Magda Jurek reflects on her newest creation. This sentiment is emblematic of Magda’s wider design philosophy, which consistently marries personal influence with broader aesthetic principles.

Magda Jurek / Barva Collection by Pani Jurek
Designer Magda Jurek in set design by Natalia Mleczak © Ernest Winczyk

Founded by Magda Jurek in 2010, the Pani Jurek Studio exhibits a deep appreciation for the material world, particularly ceramics. This is distinctly apparent in the handcrafted nature of the pieces. The studio positions itself at the crux of imagination and artisanal production, much more than the outcome of a meticulous business strategy. Each piece, created under the vigilant eye of Magda, represents a distinct sign, sculpture, or installation.

Teklan X Pani Jurek Collaboration
Teklan at home with her limited edition C4 TRN lamp by Pani Jurek.

The Pani Jurek Studio has also been keen to participate in social projects and non-commercial initiatives, aligning the company with efforts to contribute positively to the world. Lately her color collaboration with the Swedish influencer and color queen Tekla Evelina Severin aka. “Teklan”, solidified Pani Jurek’s importance in the landscape of contemporary vibrant design. Magda often cites these engagements as triggers for creating usable products, hence fostering an organic relationship between design and the broader societal context, as seen in her TRN lamp collection which is inspired by Polish painter Jan Tarasin’s work using simple calligraphic shapes as if they were letters from a non-existent alphabet. The TRN collection was launched in the Adorno Collection “Living Objects”, curated by Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka.

One distinguishing element of Pani Jurek’s practice is the non-industrial nature of their pieces. Made in a small workshop, nestled among apple orchards outside Warsaw, her creations are distinct from market-calculated or consumer-researched products. This artisanal method ensures the maker’s direct control over the process, bringing an essential human touch to the craft and promoting a level of quality that transcends seasonal fashion trends.

Pani Jurek’s studio serves as a testament to local entrepreneurship, positioned beside a family-run cider distillery. The atelier employs local craftspeople, ensuring the brand’s philosophy permeates all aspects of the creation process. The serene ambiance of the production space, bathed in southern light reflected from apple leaves, provides a conducive environment for artisanal work, facilitating the birth of truly unique, enduring pieces.

Barva Collection by Pani Jurek
Set Designer Natalia Mleczak © Ernest Winczyk

With the launch of the BARVA vases collection, Magda Jurek continues her remarkable journey in pushing the boundaries of design. Her deep-rooted respect for materials, commitment to artisanal production, and penchant for hiding meanings in her creations resonate in each piece produced by Pani Jurek. We all eagerly await the next chapter in Magda Jurek’s ongoing narrative of groundbreaking design.

Explore the collection from Pani Jurek on Adorno

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